June 26, 2022
Could meat prices rise again after the new Chinese ban?

Could meat prices rise again after the new Chinese ban?

According to the China General Administration of Customs (CGAC), a New suspension of Brazilian meat imports And for a week, it was announced last Thursday 7.

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Information from Reuters says the obstacle will come into effect from Friday, April 8. In addition to my producers beefthe comment will also be applied to a product chicken meat.

See below the refrigeration units that will be subject to the Chinese ban:

  • Marfrige beef unit in Mato Grosso;
  • JBS Beef Unit in Goiás; And
  • A chicken unit in Sao Paulo owned by Zanchita.

Regarding the comment, the Chinese trade authority did not explain the reasons for the decision.

It should be noted that the scenario is similar to what happened in 2021, when the Asian country twice stopped the import of Brazilian meat after atypical cases of mad cow disease has been recognized.

At the time, Brazilian meat was stuck at customs and the value of food rose significantly in supermarkets. About a possible new increase in food prices here in Brazil, Brazilian authorities in this sector have not yet commented.