March 30, 2023
Court orders Pele to take a paternity test |  Santos and the region

Court orders Pele to take a paternity test | Santos and the region

The São Paulo State Court of Justice (TJ-SP) issued a letter subpoenaing Edson Arantes do Nascimento, aka Pelé, 81, to undergo a paternity test. According to check before g 1this Thursday (1), the procedure for the paternity investigation was recorded by Maria do Socorro Azevedo at the São Paulo State Public Defender’s Office.

The operation takes place under judicial secrecy in Itaqueira (SP). However, the test request was sent to the Guarujá Forum, on the coast of São Paulo, the city where the former player lives, so that the judge determines the collection of biological materials at Pele’s home for DNA testing.

Then Judge Renato Zanella Bandin e Cruz Gandini, on August 18, decided, Send an email To the Institute of Social Medicine and Criminology of São Paulo (IMESC), which should be Specify a date and time to collect the genetic material in the former player’s place of residence.

The document also specifies that after the exam is scheduled, Pele must be summoned in person to stay at home at the date and time specified by the institute. However, The judge pointed out that it is just a group, as the analysis will take place in a different area than Guarujá.

The Office of the Public Defender, in a note, has informed that it is working on behalf of Maria do Socorro Azevedo, but that since it is a case handled under judicial secrecy, it cannot provide any information regarding the case.

a g 1 She contacted Pele’s publicist, but did not get a response until the last update of this report.

last Monday (29), The former player made a post on social media denying false information that he would not be in good health. In the post, the football king said that he is doing very well and is taking care of his health.

Pele – Photo: Fábio Motta / Estadão Content

Former player Edson Arantes do Nascimento is the father of seven children: Sandra and Flavia and twins Celeste, Joshua, Kelly Cristina, Edenio and Jennifer.

The football king married Rosemary Cholby, with whom he had three children: Edino, Jennifer and Kelly. The former player’s second marriage was to gospel singer Assíria Nascimento, with whom Joshua and Celeste were with him. In 2016, Pele married businesswoman Marcia Sibelli Aoki at an event house in Guaruja.

In 1991, then 27-year-old Sandra Regina Machado filed a lawsuit in court to have her recognized as the daughter of the football king. In 1992, a DNA test established that Sandra was the daughter of the former player, but the lawsuit was appealed for another 4 years and the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) confirmed paternity and denied the request for a new test.

In 1996, Sandra received the nickname “Arantes do Nascimento” and received a new birth certificate. She was born in Guarujá after an affair between maid Anízia Machado and a former player. Even with the end of the legal battle, Pele preferred not to approach his daughter and criticized the fact that Sandra waited so long to demand recognition of paternity.

Sandra’s story contrasted with that of her sister, a physical therapist, Flavia Kurtz, who was publicly presented as Pele’s daughter in 2002, without having to sue her father. The former player had an affair with Flavia’s mother in 1969, during a trip to Porto Alegre.

Pele with his wife Marcia and the dog Cocoa – Photo: clone

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