September 25, 2023
Covid-19: France eases isolation rules for infected and contact cases |  Globalism

Covid-19: France eases isolation rules for infected and contact cases | Globalism

a France It will relax, from Monday (3), the isolation rules for people infected with Covid-19 and their contacts when they have the full vaccination schedule in order to maintain the social and economic life of the country, the government announced.

A pediatrician gives a Covid-19 vaccine to 7-year-old Noah Gauchette in Paris, France, on December 22. Photo: Michelle Euler/The Associated Press

According to the new rules, people who test positive and have a full vaccination schedule must be isolated for seven days and not another ten days.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran explained, in an interview with the magazine, that there will be no need to quarantine people who are in contact with the full vaccination schedule, although they will have to respect the rules for wearing masks, social distancing and “regular testing”. Du Dimanche.

Maintaining social and economic balance

The rule change responds to the need to “take into account the very rapid development of omicron variant transport in FranceAnd the Ministry of Health explained in a statement, “and allowing” to achieve a balance between cost and benefit in order to ensure the control of infection, while preserving social and economic life.

The volume also highlighted that the first virological data indicated an ‘incubation period for the omicron variant Faster than previous variantswhich favors reducing the duration of isolation.”

People who test positive and who have not completed a ten-day vaccination schedule should be isolated.

Contacts of an infected person who did not complete the vaccination schedule and must receive a negative test after this period will also be maintained in self-quarantine for seven days so that they can leave isolation.

The use of a mask is mandatory for children over 6 years old – until then reserved for those older than 11 – starting tomorrow, as well as in public transport, stations and airports.

The use of face protection was again mandatory on the streets of the Paris region on the 31st.

More than one million cases of infection have been recorded in the past seven days in France.

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