June 3, 2023
Covid-19 rapid testing centers in Piracicaba are crowded;  Said extends exam points and timetables;  See websites |  Piracicaba and the region

Covid-19 rapid testing centers in Piracicaba are crowded; Said extends exam points and timetables; See websites | Piracicaba and the region

Department of Health in Piracicaba (SP) reported that the rate of positive results for Covid-19, with rapid tests, reached about 18% this Thursday (2), and at the beginning of the week it reached 28%. According to the Undersecretary for Pasta and Doctor, Augusto Moselli Jr., the positivity rate dropped to 20% on Wednesday (31). – See the video above.

As of May 26, 1,072 tests have been performed at the two primary care (crab) reference centers with the aim of this type of testing. Of that total, 285 tested positive for Covid-19, a rate of about 27%.

Extension of test times and locations

The city government said it has expanded rapid testing venues, between primary care (crabs) reference centers and basic health units (UBS). The city will include seven stations, starting on Wednesday. Check it out below:

  • Santa Teresinha Crab
  • Piracicamirim crab
  • Villa Sonia Krab
  • cicab crab
  • Villa Christina Krab
  • UPS de Caxampo
  • UPS de Alvorada

Business hours have also been extended by one hour and are now open from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM, Monday through Friday, especially for express testing. The Ministry of Health says there is no shortage of tests.

Who should take the express test

People who have symptoms of Covid-19, or those who have been in contact with other people who have tested positive or suspected of having the virus, can go to one of the health units in the municipality’s network and get tested. fast. It is necessary to bring an image document, as well as a CPF.

From May 28 to 31, 2022, according to the latest update of the city council building in Piracicaba, the city had 370 new cases of Covid-19 and two deaths. The latest death from the disease, which was released on Monday, was two men, one aged forty-four and the other in eighty.

The city has recorded 723 new cases of Covid-19 in the past 10 days. On the twenty-first of May, Piracicaba Registration of 90,087 injured. On May 31, there were 90,810 notifications. The hospitalization rate as of May 31 was 6% in the SUS ICU and 44% in the ward. In special intensive care units it was 19% and in the wards it was 54%.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Piracicaba It has 1,554 deaths from the disease.

Covid-19 testing centers in Piracicaba are full during opening hours – Photo: Edijan Del Santo / EPTV

Secretary says non-vaccinators need to be informed

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Piracicaba He warns people to wear protective masks, especially those who have chosen not to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Many people, who are resistant to the vaccine, are healthy carriers of the disease [carrega o vírus e está sem sintomas]. With the abolition of the use of the mask, these people contaminate a lot of people. You have to be aware. He warned that if a person does not wish to receive the vaccine, they should wear masks to avoid contaminating others.”

masks inside

Following the directions of the Health Surveillance Measures Committee of the Government of São Paulo, municipalities Piracicaba (SP) and Limeira (SP) announced on Wednesday noon (1) that We once again recommend the use of masks in closed environments to prevent Covid-19. Measures are being taken amid a new rise in the number of cases of the disease.

Municipal Health Department Piracicaba I was informed that there will be no change in the current legislation, as it is just a recommendation. Therefore, in the city, the mandatory use of face protection still occurs only in hospital and public transportation environments.

Covid-19 testing centers in Piracicaba register high demand during opening hours – Photo: Edijan Del Santo / EPTV

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