June 25, 2022
Covid-19 scenario in Guayas worsens again, points to Health Map

Covid-19 scenario in Guayas worsens again, points to Health Map

This is the second week of an exacerbation of Covid-19 in Goiás, since last week two regions are back in the red

Scenario Covid-19 broadcast in Goiás It was worse this week. According to file update Recommendation Map From the state health department (SES), which measures disease progress in the state, three new Goiás districts have moved from alert (yellow zone) to critical (orange zone).

This is the second week of deterioration since last week Two districts of the state have returned to a state of disaster (red zone), after more than 15 days without any zone of this rating – considered the most dangerous of the three.

According to SES, the recommendations map index is calculated from six indicators, three related to the infection status by the novel coronavirus and three related to the health system overload status (including public and private units).

The Covid-19 scenario in Goiás has worsened, according to SES (Photo: SES-GO)

Friday (1) map update shows Goiás with two areas in disaster status, five in critical condition and 11 on alert. In last week’s map, there were two in disaster status, two in critical condition and 14 on alert. In total, there are 18 regions evaluated.

Covid-19 in Goiás: more than 865,000 have already been infected

According to SES data, Goiás is important 865,554 Confirmed cases of Covid-19, including 831,890 are recovered. A total of 625,817 is still under investigation.

There is also 23.533 Deaths due to disease, with a mortality rate of 335 per 100,000 people.