August 8, 2022
Crack Queen goes a long way on the American reality show and excels in performance

Crack Queen goes a long way on the American reality show and excels in performance

The reality show “Queen of the Universe” by Paramount + created the first 5 and reached its final extension. Who will be firm, strong, and unwavering Queen of Crack, The Brazilian representative of the competition. On the last aired show, he put on an amazing performance.Women want to be happy“, Was a huge hit Cindy Lapper. She was so appreciated and she was guaranteed to stay!

With only five queens remaining, the competition is getting tougher“, He commented on social media.

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Gravity is commanded Graham Norton, Which is one of the most popular talk shows in the UK. A panel of judges has been set up Leona Lewis, Michael’s face, Trixie Mattel e Vanessa Williams. The project has participants representing the United States, China, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France, India and the United Kingdom. In the end, the victory goes to the one who is considered the best drag queen in the world! The prize money is US $ 250,000 (which is more than 1 million rupees).

Photo: Revelation

Crack Queen talks about his participation

Queen of Crack Gave one Interview with Portal POPline And talked about that experience. As a Brazilian, the Queen of the Universe, from the very beginning, despite being a world rival, Queen of Crack He will face some difficulties, which will go beyond his own “inner destroyer” in his head. But, as she herself said, the universe opened all the doors quickly so she could compete.

“Everyone applied, it came to me, frankly, everyone started pointing at me! Then, I remember my producer sent me … Then I said, ‘Hey guys, I’m not good at looks’. Sweatshirt, peace at home, epidemic, be at peace … Imagine, Michael Wise will see me in a sweatshirt … Stop guys! Then I was thinking, Mona … Let’s talk about limitation: speak English, not even vaccinate at that time , Never come to Brazil, in other words it is impossible to travel! I do not have a passport, you know? I said: no way!

But I said ‘What if I try? What if I want to try to implement it? ‘ So what, it was active! That’s why I say, this is the queen of the universe, because the universe was on her side! The passport has already been opened, it is already over, the vaccine has arrived in another city, I can already get the vaccine! We were able to create the look, I loved it, and we put together an amazing team! I owe a lot to my team too, you know? ‘People, I’m not going!’ Whoever always helped me when I said that, they say ‘Go, you’re! It sings, it’s beautiful, it represents Brazil, who else is going to do it in Brazil? ‘ I said, ‘Guys, this is it! Neymar I’m wearing now wig, we follow our title ‘(laughs)”.