March 23, 2023
Crazy about Ari, Guerra makes a mistake and ends up in the hands of a competitor at Travessia TV News

Crazy about Ari, Guerra makes a mistake and ends up in the hands of a competitor at Travessia TV News

observer, war (Humberto Martins) will extend his claws over Ari (Chay Suede) in Transit🇧🇷 Now, the rich man will come up with a plan to remove the architect from it Dante (Marcus Caruso). He will invite the young entrepreneur to write a simple book on the history of the construction company, but Gil (Raphael Luso) will realize that behind the project is the rich man’s desire to get his son-in-law involved in the business. And forget his idealistic nature in the past.

The point is, at this point, the researcher’s roommate would be a rival to Guerra for another reason. The businessman will be closer and closer to Talitha (Dandara Mariana), ex-girlfriend of Rafael Luso’s character. You will be annoyed Unwise and timely questions from the boss.

But Moretti’s ex-partner (Rodrigo Lombardi), at least for the time being, has no interest in women. It will just try to collect information from the marketer to come up with a compelling story about “mother” Kiara (Jade Bacon). He’ll refuse to tell Deborah’s (Grazi Massafera) real story, and preppy will be more eager to understand her origins.

Humberto Martins’ character will even manage to deceive his daughter at first, but convincing Ari will take a little more effort. Jill’s advice will upset the life of a businessman.

By the way, this wouldn’t be the friends’ first exchange of advice – despite the fact that Ari has already caught Jill’s dirty lie. Dante will be sure to tell the former student that his classmate already knows that Brisa (Lucy Alves) was alive🇧🇷 The boy will obviously be amazed, but he will pass an enormous piece of cloth to his friend.

“No one’s head guided me, Professor…Jel only understood what was happening to me, he saw beyond me in what would give me a motive to drop everything to run after Brisa…Right, right? See how it turns out!” He will growl.

Travessia is a telenovela by Gloria Perez. The plot has the art direction of Mauro Mendonca Filho It is located in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhao.

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