December 3, 2022
"crazy...";  Orlando Ribeiro forms Santos and Sutildo's "substitute" stirs controversy

“crazy…”; Orlando Ribeiro forms Santos and Sutildo’s “substitute” stirs controversy


Pixie will face Atletico Madrid on Tuesday (27th) at Villa Belmiro

Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF - Soteldo will be missing from Santos
© 1021Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF – Soteldo will be missing from Santos

a saints In poor condition at this point in the season. Without a win for a month, Pixie went through a whole week of training in preparation for the duel against Atletico-PR, next Tuesday (27), at 9 p.m., at Villa Belmiro, in order to Brazilian Championship. Coach Orlando Ribeiro is testing new possibilities in the team.

Against Palmeiras, for example, Santos played with Sutildo as a midfielder. The Venezuelan was one of the best players on the field even in the 1-0 defeat and even Palmeiras fans asked for him to be appointed to Alfeverde’s president, Leila Pereira. However, Santos’ No. 10 shirt does not play against the Hurricane, as is the case with the Venezuela national team.

Therefore, Orlando Ribeiro is “superior” to find the perfect replacement for Sotildo. In training on Saturday, the veteran Uruguayan coach Carlos Sanchez put in the sector, in a training match he played against the under-20 team. The Pros ended up losing 2-1.

The choice of Orlando by Sanchez over Soteldo ended up pissing off some fans on the web. “This midfield is crazy to think about. If he doesn’t have a practice match, he’ll go with the point…in a real match. She’s a bitch.”And the “Look at that midfield oh my gosh”, And the “Shame is the word”was some of Santos’s reactions.

As for the duel against Atletico, the trend is for changes in the team in relation to those defeated by Palmeiras. The potential team has: John Powell; Nathan (Madson), Maicon, Eduardo Bowerman and Felipe Jonathan; Camacho, Vinicius Zanocello and Carlos Sanchez (Carabajal); Angelo, Luan (Lucas Braga) and Marcos Leonardo. Santos occupies eleventh place in the Brazilian with 34 points.