May 31, 2023
Creates one of the two best Corinthians in the Classics against Santos;  direct the worst

Creates one of the two best Corinthians in the Classics against Santos; direct the worst

a Corinthians draw 0-0 against Santos On this Saturday. The teams faced each other in the Brazilian Championship, at the New Coimica Arena, and Timão’s uninspiring performance after the defeat was reflected in Fan NotesFrom My dream.

Corinthians named defender Robert Renan the best player on the field. The player played his second game as a starter for the team tonight – the first was in the Copa Brasil debut, against Portuguesa, from Rio de Janeiro. Robert had the highest average in the match, at 7.5.

Two other defenders completed the Corinthians podium. And goalkeeper Cassio appeared in second place with a score of 7.4. Archer was sometimes required to save Jade and prevent Santos from opening the scoring. Defender Raul Gustavo, who is also a base officer, and Robert were third with a score of 7.1. Even the athlete Gathered good numbers in the confrontation.

As in the last classic match between Corinthians and Santos, for the Copa Brasil, on Wednesday, midfielder Rooney was the lowest average. The athlete, Corinthians tonight’s owner, received a score of 2.6 from Viel.

With a tie, Corinthians reached 26 points in the Brazilian League and continued as the deputy captain of the tournament. Timão is second behind Palmeiras, the competition leader. The opponent is still playing Sunday against Avai.

Corinthians’ next commitment to the Brazilian is next Saturday. Timão visiting Fluminense, at 16:30, in Maracanã. Before that, the Parque São Jorge team faces Boca Juniors this Tuesday, at 21:30, the first leg of the round of 16 of the Libertadores.

Check out the notes from Corinthians fans *

Average rating: 7.4
Number of reviews received: 928
Raphael the ant Rafael Ramos
Average rating: 6.2
Number of reviews received: 930
Robert Renan Alves Barbosa Robert Renan
ace match
Average Rating: 7.5
Number of reviews received: 944
Raul Gustavo Pereira Bicalho Raul Gustavo
Average rating: 7.1
Comments received: 932
F Fabio Santos
Average rating: 5.3
Number of reviews received: 923
Ronnie Medeiros de Mora rune
Average rating: 2.6
Number of reviews received: 973
Fifth Cantelo
Average rating: 5.4
Number of reviews received: 920
Eduardo Santos Queiroz de Queiroz
Average rating: 6.6
Number of reviews received: 915
Edson Ferreira Soares addition
Average rating: 5.1
Number of reviews received: 909
Gustavo Mantuan Gustavo Mantuan
Average rating: 5.9
Number of reviews received: 916
Felipe Augusto da Silva Felipe Augusto
Average rating: 2.8
Number of reviews received: 951
Giuliano Victor de Paula Juliano
Average rating: 6.4
Number of reviews received: 916
William Borges da Silva William
Average rating: 6.8
Number of reviews received: 921
student Junior Moraes
Average rating: 2.7
Number of reviews received: 923
Wagner Conserva Limos Wagner
Average rating: 6.2
Number of reviews received: 899
Lucas Peyton Crivelaro Lucas Peyton
Average rating: 4.9
Number of reviews received: 907
Fifth Victor Pereira
Average rating: 5.5
Number of reviews received: 907
Flavio Rodriguez de Sousa
Average rating: 1.6
Number of reviews received: 843
Total votes: 16557

* Notes from fans were recorded until 06/25/2022 at 23:08. Ratings for Corinthians 0 x 0 players, Santos coach and referee will remain open for public voting until 06/26/2022 at 19:00.

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