March 29, 2023

Creditors of BRK and Portocred have R$2.2 billion to get from FGC. See how long it takes to pay

Almost half of the 54 thousand creditors BRK Financeira and Portocred With credits covered by the FGC (Credit Guarantee Fund) the application has already been registered in the agency to receive payment. In all, the creditors of the institutions have R$2.2 billion in revenue from FGM.

The two institutions were extrajudicially liquidated on February 15 by the Central Bank.

BRK Financeira has an estimated base of 42,000 creditors with deposits eligible to pay the guarantee, which adds up to R$1.7 billion, according to FGC.

Portocred Financeira has an estimated base of 12,000 creditors with deposits eligible to pay the guarantee, totaling R$521 million.

Payment of the guarantee, according to the FGC, will begin after receiving information from the liquidating institutions.

The payment deadline varies, as the FGC is required to receive from the liquidating institution consolidated information on clients who have amounts invested in financial instruments covered by the FGC. After that, payments to depositors begin within two business days.

This process has become more flexible after the implementation of the FGC application, in October 2020, through which payment can be requested from a digital signature, using biometrics.

For example, the payment of CHB guarantees (Companhia Hipotecária Brasileira) began 34 days after the Central Bank issued the institution’s own regime, which took place on March 11, 2021, after the implementation of the FGC request.

Digitization has accelerated the payment process, which lasted from a few weeks to only two working days after the consolidated information was received by the liquidators of the institution, the FGC reported. TradeMap Agency.

a female mutilation Investors and depositors are advised to check the messaging app on their smartphones to receive the code to complete the registration via SMS. Some settings on mobile phones may prohibit this notification from being displayed or classify it as spam. It is also important to check the spam box to receive the code via email.

After registering with the application, it is necessary to follow the official channels of female mutilation And waiting for the completion of the process of organizing the data of depositors and investors for each institution by the liquidator.

After receiving the consolidated information from the liquidator, the female mutilation It will disclose on social networks and on its website all instructions for initiating payments, including the period when it is possible to request receipt of the guarantee.

The payment, according to the FGC, will be made entirely digitally, through the app, without the need to go to a bank branch. The security of the process is ensured by the requirement of a digital signature, based on biometrics.

a female mutilation Offers a normal guarantee of up to R$250,000 for investments in products such as a checking account, savings account, CDB (certificate of deposit bank), RDB (bank deposit receipt), LCI (real estate letter of credit), LCA (agribusiness letter of credit), per CPF or CNPJ, by a financial institution or associated financial conglomerate. There is a maximum of R$1 million, every four years, for guarantees paid per CPF or CNPJ.

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