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Crespo rejects the “delay” and explains the substitutions in the Sao Paulo match – 09/22/2021

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Crespo rejects the "delay" and explains the substitutions in the Sao Paulo match - 09/22/2021
Crespo rejects the "delay" and explains the substitutions in the Sao Paulo match - 09/22/2021

Coach Hernan Crespo disagreed when asked about the supposed delay in moving the team. Sao Paulo during the 0-0 draw with America MGTonight (22) in Morumbi. The leader recalled the physical condition of the athletes who came from the bench.

The Argentine captain assessed that it did not take long to change the team and confirmed it gallery I’m not ready to play from the start. Crespo sent Lezero and Marquinhos in the 14th minute of the second half, then added Wellington and Calleri in the 37th minute.

“I don’t agree with you on the premise that it took me a while. Unfortunately, you can’t come to training, so you can’t see the physical condition gallery. The last game he played was in April, five months without a game. Play with us 15 minutes and I suspect It’s a good idea not to risk getting injured. He’s not in a position to get started, he needs time to be able to get back to doing what we expect of him, which is a lot. I do not agree with the word “delay”. With Marquinhos back after 50 days, I obviously don’t expect it to be what it was 50 days ago, but he has to get back in the game. We are always behind in difficult physical conditions and we have to be patient so that these players can return to the top.”

For the coach, the squad with Nestor, Sara, Igor Gomez, Rigoni and Pablo seemed enough in the offensive part to beat Coelho. However, despite the lack of inspiration from the team, Crespo did not choose to have Benitez come off the bench and was asked during the interview about the selection. The Argentine midfielder was widely criticized by the fans in the recent elimination of the Brazilian Cup.

“The team is not only with physical conditions, but also with set-pieces, defensive and offensive. Pablo was on the field for offensive and defensive solutions. The height of Benitez or Eder does not help this effect. The idea of ​​playing with Sarah, Nestor, Igor Gomez, Rigoni and Pablo they thought would be enough in The offensive part to win the match. Obviously that didn’t happen, and as it always happens in press conferences when the team doesn’t win, whoever is on the bench is the best player,” Crespo stated.

The São Paulo Tricolor returns to the field on Saturday (25th), at 9 p.m., to pick up Atletico MG, in Morumbi, by Brasileirão.

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