July 18, 2024

Criminals create a fake Itaú app to try to steal customers

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Estadão E-Investidor – As principais notícias do mercado financeiro
Estadão E-Investidor – As principais notícias do mercado financeiro

Cybercriminals created a fake app from Itaú Unibanco, the largest private bank in Brazil, for trying to steal data and conduct fraudulent transactions.

Hackers have created a fake Google Play Store page that hosts malware or “malware” in the scam Itaú app.

Through fake messages to bank customers, they tricked people into downloading a synchronization tool, which would be needed to carry out transactions in the real Itaú app. Thus, the customer was directed to the dummy Google Store version and install malware upon download.

to make fake app More similar to the real one in the bank, there was an icon and colors similar to those of Itaú and also the information 1,895,897 downloads. The fake app was discovered by Cyble and reported in recent days by tech sites in Brazil and abroad. The malware is called “synizer.apk”.

Once the malware is executed, as described on the portal by Cyble, a company that specializes in digital security, it attempts to carry out banking operations without the customers’ knowledge. Malware also infects the client device and can also steal personal and financial data.

Itaú Unibanco stated that “this is a typical case of social engineering, where criminals host a fake app on a fake page as well”. The bank further clarified that there was no impact on its customers.

The bank’s guidelines are that people always download banking apps directly from official mobile stores and never click on suspicious links received by email or express messages.

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