December 2, 2023
Cristina Kirchner: Pictures of clashes between supporters of the Argentine Vice President and the police |  Globalism

Cristina Kirchner: Pictures of clashes between supporters of the Argentine Vice President and the police | Globalism

Kirchner’s supporters began to gather around her home in Recoleta, in the Buenos Aires region, after The public prosecutor demanded 12 years in prison for herIn addition to being denied access to public office.

Protests escalated on Saturday (8/27), after security forces erected fences around the home of the former president, who ruled the country from 2007 to 2015.

The Vice President’s house blew up surrounded by bars and police – Photo: Getty Images

“Today I woke up in the corner of my house literally under siege (…) wanting to prevent the peaceful and joyful demonstrations of love and support that take place in the face of the already undeniable persecution by the judiciary,” he said. Kirchner in a letter addressed to the Mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Laretta.

“Mr. Larita’s reasoning is the same as that of the judicial party. For McChrystas: care and protection. For Biruni: rods, municipal infantry police and even sticks, tear gas and pepper spray as on Monday night. They said that night: They never did. They were and never will be Democrats “.

Hours later, the former president’s supporters dismantled the fences and clashes broke out between them and the riot police.

Christina gave a short speech outside her home and thanked her followers for their support – Image: Gett Images

At least five police officers were injured and four protesters were arrested, according to local media reports.

At the end of a tense day, amid thousands of protesters chanting “Christina Chief,” Kirchner gave a short speech on a makeshift platform outside her home.

“In a democracy, the right to freedom of expression is fundamental,” she said.

Protesters clashed with police as they attempted to break down barricades around the vice president’s home (Image: Getty Images)

The clash between protesters and riot police resulted in several injuries and arrests (Photo: Getty Images)

She then addressed her followers, saying, “I want to thank you and ask for comfort. It’s been a long day.”

Fernandez de Kirchner, 69, is charged with state fraud, as well as being investigated for his involvement in a conspiracy to embezzle public resources while he was president.

The arrest warrant angered his followers. Kirchner says she is being stalked.