July 15, 2024

Croatia adopts the euro and enters the Schengen area Globalism

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Croatia adopts the euro and enters the Schengen area  Globalism
Croatia adopts the euro and enters the Schengen area  Globalism

With the beginning of the new year Croatia The euro was officially adopted and introduced in the Schengen area On Sunday (1), two important steps for the Balkan country that joined the European Union nearly 10 years ago.

With that, Croatians are saying goodbye to their currency, the kuna, becoming the 20th state to adopt a currency The single European currency. The Schengen Area, which allows, among other things, movement without the need for a passport, now has 27 members.

Midnight ceremonies were held to commemorate the two historical moments. At two major border crossings between Slovenia and Hungary, the symbolic removal of physical controls has been implemented, leaving the first cars to cross the road without having to present documentation.

Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic was responsible for pressing the key control button for the last time at the Brzena-Brzeci border. “We opened the door to a Europe without borders and certainly affirmed our European identity, for which generations of Croats have fought,” the politician said.

Already in Zagreb, ATMs have started issuing euro banknotes – although the transition period is still valid until January 14. The transfer price was agreed upon and set at 7.53450 kuna for 1 euro.
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The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, headed to the border between Slovenia and Croatia to celebrate the accession and is still meeting on Sunday with the country’s government.

“Croatia has worked hard to become the 20th country to join the eurozone and succeeded. It is proof that the euro is an attractive currency and that it brings stability to its members,” said ECB President Christine Lagarde, visiting Zagreb.

The President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, also spoke, who stressed that this is “an important result for the European project and for the Croatian people, for which I extend my best regards”.

“I hope that other countries will soon reach the same goal for the benefit of the entire European Union,” he added. (

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