June 3, 2023
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Croatia goals and best moments 1×1 France for the League of Nations | 06/06/2022

17:38 43 minutes ago

game over

Croatia 1v1 France

17:35 hours ago


90′- Four more minutes

17:33 hours ago

What a danger!

88′ – Another Croatia exit fail leaves Griezmann face to face with the goalkeeper leaving the area and dribbling. However, the midfielder is ahead of the ball a lot and hits it without a big angle, sending it to the right of the goal!

17:29 hours ago


85′ – Croatia 7 x 8 France

17:28 hours ago


84′ – Kimpembe fouled on Susic and received the card

17:27 hours ago

Croatia goal!!!

82′ – Kramaric himself passes the ball, stops and waits for the goalkeeper to pick the right corner and shoot low in the middle!!

17:26 hours ago

changed again!

82′ – Offside call canceled, Klaus Kramaric’s penalty retained

17:25 hours ago

changed the tag

81′ – The referee scored a penalty kick in the French penalty area but then slipped off at the start of play

17:24 hours ago

France is also changing

80′ – Klaus Makan Diaby

17:23 hours ago

Substitution in Croatia

79′ – Susic e Vlasic replaces Modric and Kovacic

17:21 hours ago

chance missed

76′ – After a mistake in Croatia’s exit, Griezmann faces the goal on the right and kicks over the goalkeeper

17:19 hours ago


75′ – Kovacic caught up in an erratic position in attack

17:15 hours ago

Save Maignan!

71′ – Modric threatens to kick the right leg from the edge of the area and cuts the inside and hits with the left and the goalkeeper jumps quickly in the left corner to clear him

17:14 hours ago

Substitution in Croatia

70′ – Kramaric Place Bodemir

17:12 hours ago

France is closing its doors

67′ – The visiting team establishes three lines of defense in the field of defense

17:07 an hour ago

Croatia is changing too

17:06 hours ago

Moving in France

17:01 hours ago


57′ – Croatia 3 x 3 France

16:57 hours ago

France goal!!!

52′ – Rabiot scores with Ben Yedder, who leaves him in front of the goal with a beautiful pass after turning the mark and hitting hard when Archer comes out!!

16:53 hours ago

lost the ball

48′ – Nkunko greets at the entrance to the area, and attempts to dodge the tags, but is disarmed

16:492 hours ago

The ball is rolling again

The second half begins

16:342 hours ago

rest time

A game without goals so far

16:332 hours ago


45′- another minute

16:282 hours ago

Save Levakovic

40′ – The Croatian goalkeeper managed to save twice in a row

16:272 hours ago

Maignan stays with her

38′ – Modric turns the match on the left wing, Joranovic tries to cross, and the ball passes into the hands of the goalkeeper after being removed from the first post.

16:252 hours ago

France is not in a hurry

36′ – It’s the Frenchman’s turn to turn the ball into the middle of the field

16:19 2 hours ago

Not worth!!

31′ – Nkunku receives from the right flank in the penalty area, hits Kavadina when the goalkeeper comes out and the ball enters after hitting the left post. But the goal is not allowed due to offside!

16:172 hours ago

possession of the ball

29′ – Croatia 46% x 54% France

16: 122 hours ago


24′ – Nkunko, already recovering, takes a free kick from the left. Chwamini appears free on the back of the mark in the second post, but he loses the right time until the end

16:10 2 hours ago


23′ – The Frenchman is in pain and receiving care on the field

16:09 2 hours ago


21 – Vida gives Nkunku a difficult entry into the split and receives the card

16:06 2 hours ago


18′ – Bodemir receiving deep, lonely in front of goal, takes too long to make up his mind and kicks at goalkeeper!

16:01 2 hours ago

Croatia touches the ball

14′ – The home team rotates the ball into the defense waiting for an opportunity to attack

15:582 hours ago

You go through everyone

10′ – Diaby takes a corner kick from the right wing but no one reaches the ball in the penalty area to finish it

15:552 hours ago

I misunderstood

7′ – Modric crosses from the left wing in the penalty area and Mager takes it from the first shot but sends it away from the left goal

15:512 hours ago

Very strong

3′ – Croatia tries to take a deep throw from the right, but the ball goes straight through the backline

15:483 hours ago

The referee’s whistle

Start game

15:37 hours ago

Croatia holders

15:35 hours ago

sizing blues

15:20 3 hours ago

Good afternoon

At 15:45, the ball will roll between Croatia and France. Don’t miss the details.

00:57 17 hours ago

How and where to watch the Croatia vs France match live

In addition to real time here in VAVEL Brasil, the match between Croatia vs France It will be broadcast live by SporTV

00:52 17 hours ago

What is the date of the match between Croatia and France, and how do you follow the live broadcast?

00:47 18 hours ago

next round

00:42 18 hours ago

direct confrontation

00:37 18 hours ago

Possible France lineup

00:32 18 hours ago

France embezzlement

00:27 18 hours ago

Probably Croatia squad

00:22 18 hours ago

Croatia embezzlement

Josco Gvardiol Wassim Vrsaljko, victim of the host team in this afternoon’s match. Both are injured.

00:17 18 hours ago


00:02 18 hours ago