Crocodiles have expelled the people of Uganda of the houses

Крокодилы выгнали жителей Уганды из домов

In Uganda, residents of the fishing villages on the Islands of lake Victoria have to leave their homes due to the invasion of hungry crocodiles.

According to local resident Janet Mongo, they live in fear, because the crocodiles in search of food began to wander in their houses and gardens. She was attacked, but she managed to escape, according to Daily Monitor.

Even more dangerous to approach the shore. In December last year, the crocodiles killed seven elementary school students in the village of Botany, the newspaper writes.

Reptiles attack on fishermen, and women or children who go to the lake for water. However, many deaths are not even recorded officially.

Lake Victoria is in Eastern Africa in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Its area is 68 thousand sq km, it is more than twice that of lake Baikal.


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