February 26, 2024

Crossover blows up the characters in the next chapter; See a summary of what will happen · TV news

The end of the semester on Wednesday (1) of Transit Show that the nine o’clock TV series will begin the mystery of an attack suffered by him war (Humberto Martins) and Sedalia (Cassia cyst). A time bomb will go off in the managers car. They will not die, but they will be seriously injured..

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the A shift that will appear on Thursday (2) It will be the 100th chapter of the plot written by Gloria Perez. “Chapter 100 is a tradition among TV series writers, when we take the big turns in the plot. In Travisia, the attack on Guerra and Cidália is the beginning of a chain of events that drives the story,” the author explained, in a statement sent by Globo.

Travessia will explore a mystery about who carried out the attack. In Stenio’s (Alexandre Nero) apartment, Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi) will see the news of the explosion with relief. The lawyer will suspect that The client is involved in the accident.

The sweet delegate (Giovanna Antonelli) will understand that the case is about an attack and will call Guerra’s rival to testify. Ari (Chay Suede) will change his behavior in the coming seasons and it will also be speculated that he is one of those responsible.

According to director Walter Carvalho, The attack sequence took three days to preparebetween site visit and planning, and was recorded in one night.

“Today, technology helps us with tests, equipment and, above all, safety. In the scene in question, a machine was used placed under the car and made from a catapult,” he explains, and adds:

The machine is driven by air tanks, and at the same time, two people are shooting. And with the resources of the lenses and focal lengths, we put the shot in a position that appears to be very close to the characters on the screen, but in fact it is not.

In the script, author Gloria Perez writes that the car will flip over. Firefighters will already appear fighting the flames, and an ambulance will leave with Sedalia. But the author asked to be ambiguous and not show the corpses.

Guerra will need to be revived immediately by the first responders. Later, at the hospital, the doctor will tell Ari that his condition is very critical and everything will depend on whether he survives the first night.