January 29, 2023
Crossroads will not be for sale

Crossroads will not be for sale

The Bandai Namco announced on Tuesday (29) that Fast and Furious: Crossroads It will not be for sale anymore. In a statement posted on official sitethe publisher confirmed the removal of the game and its downloadable content on digital platforms, as well as the suspension of distribution of all IP-related products.

After a hard launch and an average daily under five concurrent players on Steam for the first few months, the game meets its early conclusion. The title, which proposed to renew the franchise in games by adapting original characters from the saga, became the target of heavy criticism, infuriating the user at a rating of 1.8 in the game. Metacritic.

With less than two years of age, limited content and only six DLCs published for single vehicles, the action and racing game will no longer be on sale in digital stores as of 11pm on April 28 (Brazilian time). However, players who already have the title in their libraries will be able to play it normally, including in online modes.

All Fast & Furious: Sales of Crossroads products will end April 29, 2022 – 04:00 CEST (times may vary by region).

The game and downloadable content purchased before this date will still be available for use, and the online game modes will remain active.

So far, despite Bandai Namco’s reference to “all product sales,” there has been no official comment on the game’s distribution in physical stores.

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Check out the description of Fast and Furious: Crossroads (via PS . Store):

Three small shop owners arrive at a crossroads where they become entangled in the dangerous world of organized crime. In an effort to get revenge, their fates intersect with a group of familiar characters who share the same foe.

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