March 29, 2023

Cruzeiro advocates staying in Mineiro in the land of Ronaldo’s “emergence” of Fenomeno; Remember | Sea trip

It was in Poços de Caldas, 30 years ago, that a boy appeared to shine on the Brazilian and international courts. Ronaldo Fenomeno, on May 25, 1993, will play his first match as a professional Sea trip. In 2023, now the majority shareholder of Cruzirense Football, the former player is hoping for a second successive win that will give the team survival in the Mineiro Championship.

Ronaldo is in Independence Park

Therefore, the victory over Caldense is practically obligatory. In 2023, winning away wasn’t a problem. There are two victories and one defeat as a visitor. At home, the team is not doing so well: two draws and one defeat.

Ronaldo celebrates joining Cruzeiro – Photo: Staff Photos / Cruzeiro

a Sea trip Staying plays in a symbolic place for the career of his manager: Ronaldo Fenomeno. It was in Poços de Caldas, in “Ronaldo”, that Ronaldinho played his first match as a professional, wearing a shirt Sea tripis 16 years old.

In that May of 1993, it was Sea trip Common interest between Copa do Brasil and Campeonato Mineiro. With that, Phenomenon was called up to play the first match in the main squad of Raposa against Caldense, at Ronaldo’s.

Ronaldo’s debut match was watched by 2,484 people who were in the stands. In that game, he went blank and didn’t shine. But it was the offense that resulted in Ramon Menezes’ only goal in a match that ended 1-0 in favor of the team. Sea trip In front of Caldence. Last year, the player was honored with a plaque.

Ronaldo thanks the tribute given by Caldense before the match with Cruzeiro – Photo: reproduction

Since his debut as a professional player Sea trip Until August 7, 1994, when he said goodbye to Botafogo, Ronaldo played 58 matches and scored 56 goals in Celeste’s shirt. Before the last match, he put his fourth championship with the Brazilian national team on his resume, which he won on July 17, 1994 against Italy in the USA.

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