January 29, 2023

Cruzeiro: Diego Lugano defends Pezulano and talks about abuse of power

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Lugano defended Pezzolano’s position and criticized the arbitration

Former Uruguay international and current ESPN commentator Diego Lugano has defended his compatriot Paulo Pezulano, who was sent off in the match against Grmio. The Celestial Commander claims that he did nothing and said that he recorded everything, as he wore electronic equipment in his uniform. Lugano agreed to the Fox coach position.

“I think he (Pesulano) is absolutely right because players and coaches are often mistreated by referees not only in Brazil but in world football. The referee confuses refereeing with abuse of power. Protection,” Lugano said.

Lugano said Pezulano’s expulsion would be classed as an abuse of power if it was proven that the Uruguayan coach had not committed a foul. “I will do the same (Pizzolano did). What is wrong is getting fired for abuse of power. That is wrong.

Paolo Pezulano did not agree to his sending off in the tie Cruz 2-2 with Grmio, in Porto Alegre, on Sunday (21/8), for the twenty-fifth round of the Second Division of the Brazilian Championship. He was excluded from the technical area after referee Brulio da Silva Machado (Fifa/SC) heard complaints from Cruzeiro’s coach.

He told reporters who were in the mixed area of ​​the stadium: “She’s a bitch! I didn’t tell him (the referee) anything. I’m fortunate that I scored everything, I have everything here (he said, pointing to a tape recorder)”.

This was the Celestial Coach’s fourth ban this season. The Uruguayan was also penalized in the matches against Vila Nova (Campionato Mineiro), Fluminense (Copa do Brazil) and Cessa (Sri B).

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With the expulsion, the coach will miss the Cruzeiro-Nutico duel, on Friday (27/8), at 9:30 pm, at Independencia, in Belo Horizonte, for the 26th round of the Second Division. Led by assistant Martin Farini.