December 9, 2023
Cruzeiro: Edu testifies to the confusion after the match in Londrina.  The delegate explains the situation |  Sea trip

Cruzeiro: Edu testifies to the confusion after the match in Londrina. The delegate explains the situation | Sea trip

Striker Edo, from Sea tripin the early hours of Wednesday, at the 10th Police Department, in Londrina, around The confusion that occurred after the match between Minas Gerais and Lenderina in favor of Serie B. The player was named, according to the delegate in charge of the case, as responsible for the assault on one of the military police officers involved in the confusion. But the photos and the attacker’s testimony initially removed the accusation.

The player stayed for just over an hour at the site, signed a detailed term and was released. a Sea trip Photos of the riots were handed over to the police. The Globe He was at the scene and followed the movement. .

According to delegate Edgard Soriani, Edo could have been identified by the police officers who were at the time of the confusion because he was wearing a 99 shirt. He would hit a police officer with cleats, causing a leg injury. .

However, premiere footage shows that the player is no longer wearing the jersey at the time of the chaos. Edu mentioned that he has already changed his shirt with a player from Londrina. In the photos, the civil police in Londrina also did not identify the assaults carried out by the attacker Sea trip.

Edo leaves the police station in Londrina – Photo: Maria Claudia Bonotti / Globo

– Now let’s try to establish whether he was the one who caused the injury or not, because the pictures there hover around a lot of suspicions, including his active participation in the aggression. The video has been provided and attached to the procedure. Depending on whether he does not want to continue the feat, he can conduct a criminal transaction, an agreement – announced the delegate to Globo.

The video is very clear, showing him in a corner and not showing him, at least in this part of the video, that he is assaulting a policeman. Now, let’s find out if he was involved in physical harm, in contempt. This will be confirmed.

Because of the testimony, Edu missed the chartered return flight with a delegation from Sea tripscheduled for early Wednesday morning. The striker is expected to come on a commercial flight in the morning to join the squad in preparation for the match against Chapecoense. As a result, Edu will not have enough time to participate in the activity scheduled for 10 am in the Toca da Raposa.

He’s one of the players close to the gateway to accessing press booths, as evidenced by the Premiere broadcast. In confusion, the striker and other players Sea trip With pepper spray used by the police to break up the clothes. According to the rep, the force was used to prevent further invasion of players in one of the stands sections of Estádio do Café.

Confusion between Cruzeiro players and police officers – Photo: Premier

There will also be an investigation into alleged verbal abuse that could have been carried out by players Sea trip. The delegation of the Minas Gerais team has already returned to Belo Horizonte.

Edo arrived at the police station around 1 am (from Brasilia). He left after about an hour and 15 minutes. The attacker was accompanied by a lawyer and two members of the association’s management Sea trip: Pedro Martins (Football Manager) and Enrico Ambrogini (Operations Manager). They also did not comment on the episode.

Forward Edu made a demonstration at Londrina Police Station – Photo: Maria Claudia Bonotti

Threats to the radio team

The confusion at Estádio do Café began with reports from members of the Radio Itatiaia team, from Belo Horizonte, that Londrina fans were trying to invade the broadcast booth. According to the radio narrator, Osvaldo Reyes, the situation started due to fans claiming that he was going to wave goodbye to the band, after the score was overturned by Sea trip. He denied that he provoked Londrina fans.

“They say I said goodbye (to Londrina fans), but I didn’t. I was thrilled with the goal of Sea tripPeople, that’s all.”

The case delegate was asked about the incident in the report. He declared that nothing had been proven by the police officers who were at the stadium.

– The police officers who were here informed me, unofficially, that they went after the riots to investigate the situation. They were captives, to interfere with a possible confusion between fans and a member of Sea trip. But, later, it was established that there was no confusion, it was a third-party commotion, something that was not there – it was guaranteed.

However, the broadcast team felt very threatened by Londrina fans. To prevent invasion of the transmission compartment, a seat was placed to lock the door hatch.

A seat is placed to prevent the cabin door from opening – Photo: Radio Osvaldo Reis / Itatiaia

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