June 4, 2023

Cruzeiro: Henrique Dourado is registered with the Islamic Development Bank and may debut | Sea trip

a Sea trip Registered striker Henrique Dorado, 33, with the Islamic Development Bank. The player’s name was published by the Brazilian Football Confederation on Wednesday afternoon. He signed a contract until the end of the year.

“You can expect a lot of crops,” Cruzeiro declared of Henrique Dourado.

On Wednesday, the player held his first training session with the ball in Toca. Sidor returns to the club after eight years to compete with Gilberto, the current captain of the attack. In 2015, the player played 11 matches and scored 1 goal for Raposa.

Henrique Dorado arrives with a contract only until the end of this year. The reason is the fact that he has not played since August last year and has only played 52 matches since 2020, with 22 goals and five assists in that period. There will be a productivity clause in the agreement.

– Very happy to be back Sea tripAfter such a long time. I hope to help as soon as possible. I already know some of the guys on the team. I hope I can adjust as soon as possible. Let’s work steadily and seriously. There will never be a lack of commitment, there will never be a lack of goals, and there will never be a lack of willpower. I think that’s it, you can expect a lot of willingness to help. And a lot of mowing (laughs) – the player told the club channel.

The experienced player arrived in Belo Horizonte 10 days ago to undergo physical examinations and tests before signing the contract. He was training on his own, with the help of a physical trainer, in São Paulo.

Henrique Dorado Cruzeiro – Photography: Gustavo Aleixo

Henrique Dorado has not played since August 21 last year, after he was suspended for pressuring a referee while playing Chinese football. FIFA overturned the ban in January after the striker parted ways with Henan Songshan.

Since his release from serving the initial one-year suspension, Henrique Dourado has received opinion polls from Serie A and Serie B clubs in the Brazilian Championship. He is registered by Cianorte-PR in the Brazilian Football Confederation, but not to be an option in Paranaense. He has used the club’s structure to prepare himself physically, and to think about getting back on the pitch. There was an official termination on January 24th and thus, it was legally free on the market.

Henrique Dourado made his professional debut in 2008, when he started playing for clubs in the interiors of São Paulo. He got even more fame for Palmeiras in 2014, and he managed to cross over quickly Sea trip, Next year. He also passed through Portugal and back to Brazil to defend Fluminense with 32 goals in 59 matches. He also played with Flamengo and again with Palmeiras, before spending the last three years in China.

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