February 6, 2023

Cruzeiro loses to the Italians and is eliminated from the Club World Cup final

Photo: Agencia I7/Cruzeiro

Wallace faces triple block: Cruzeiro was no price for Trentino at Betim

Cruzeiro had postponed the dream of winning a fifth championship in the Vlei Club World Cup. This Saturday, in the first match of the semi-finals at the Gencio Divino Braga, in Betim, Celeste’s team was defeated by the Italian Trentino in three sets to zero. The particles were 25/13, 25/21 and 25/17.

Trentino advanced to the final and fought for their sixth Club World Cup title. The decision will be on Sunday, at four o’clock in the evening, also against Perugia, Italy, which defeated Minas in three sets to zero (25/19, 25/19 and 25/17) in the closing match of the semi-finals. Cruzeiro, who was looking for a fifth, will compete for bronze in the preliminary, 1 p.m., classic match against Minas Gerais tennis players. Clashes will be broadcast by SportTV2🇧🇷

Cruzeiro was no price for Trentino. After a collision in the first set, Celeste’s team even tried to balance the actions, and improved in the second set, but didn’t quite achieve par. With a lead of 2-0, the Italians maintained control and closed down with a certain calm.

Men’s Volleyball World Cup

Wednesday, December 7th

6 pm – Minas 3 x 1 Paykan Club

21h – Cruzeiro 3 x 0 Campinas

Thursday, December 8th

6pm – Trentino 3×1 Pecan Club

21hrs – Campinas 0 x 3 Perugia

Friday, December 9th

18:15 – Minas 0 x 3 Trentino

21:15 – cruise 1×3 Perugia

Saturday 10th December

6:30pm – Trentino 3 x 0 Cruzeiro (sportv2)

21:30 – Perugia 3×0 Minas (sportv2)

Sunday 11th December

1pm – Cruzeiro x Minas – Bronze Medal Dispute (sportv2)

4pm – Trentino – Perugia – Final (sportv2)