December 9, 2022

Cruzeiro loses to Villa Nova and remains without a win after the second division title

Photo: Staff Photos/Cruz

Cruzeiro lost by Villa Nova 1-0, in Oba, in Guenia

Uninspired, Cruzeiro was far from his best form and lost to Villa Nova 1-0, at Onsio Brasileiro Alvarenga (OBA), in Goinia, this Friday (10/14), in the 35th round of the Brazilian Second Division. championship. This was the third consecutive match for Minas Gerais without a win since it was the champion of the national competition (1 draw, 2 defeats).

As a result, Raposa maintained 72 points in the second-tier table. With three rounds remaining, Paolo Pezulano’s team will no longer be able to match Corinthians’ record, which added up to 85 points in the 2008 edition.

In contrast, Vila Nova scored 45 points and jumped to 11th place and practically eliminated the risk of relegation to League One C. Now, the distance to CSA – the first team in Z4 – is nine points.

In the next round, the Celestial team receive Guarani, in Mineiro, in Belo Horizonte, on Tuesday (18), at 9:30 pm, in the penultimate match in their stadiums in the second division. Saturday (22) at 4:30 pm.

Villa Nova x Cruzeiro: Pictures from the second division match

First time

The match started with Villa Nova pressing Cruzeiro in the first minute. The hosts of the house launched a counterattack and quickly advanced toward the Heavenly Domain. Neto Pessoa picked it up at the entrance to the area, cut in from the inside and hit Rafael Cabral’s right corner. The goalkeeper stretched out and managed a corner.

After that move, the most dangerous chance in the first half came only in the 30th minute, when Rafael Donato almost scored with a header to Villa Nova. After crossing the area, he advanced to the top of the Minas defense and sent the ball near the right post.

Unlike other matches, Cruzeiro missed many passes when he left the field of defense and did not finish once in the opponent’s goal. However, Fox had the most ball control (70% vs. 30%).


The initial pressure of Villa Nova was not repeated in the final stage. On the contrary, it was Cruzeiro’s great opportunity to open the scoring. In the 6th minute, Zivaldo hit a strong kick from outside the area, but the ball exploded in the chest of goalkeeper Tony. Upon recoil, Lincoln took it first and isolated it.

At 15″, Rafael Donato started to frighten Raposa again. In a mistake Tigre accused, the defender went up alone and flew to the ground. The ball was over the heavenly guard, who defended in two halves.

Minutes later, Villa managed to swing into the net with Hugo Cabral, but it was unsuccessful. He received a deep pass, in the middle of the defense, he dribbled with Rafael Cabral and sent it into the right corner. However, the line assistant had already indicated that there was an offside in the show.

Vila Nova kept pressing Cruzeiro and was finally able to sign up for the OBA. On a beautiful counterattack from the right, Matthewsinho ran deep, won a Z-Evaldo kick, dashing into the entrance area and firing off Cruzeiro’s keeper: 1 to 0.

Villa Nova 1 x 0 Cruz

new village

Tony. Alex Silva (Raylan), Rafael Donato, Alison Cassiano and Willian Formiga; Ralph, Arthur Resende and Mathuzinho; Dentinho (Matthews Sousa), Hugo Cabral (Diego Tavares) and Neto Pessoa

Coach: Alan Al.

Sea trip

Rafael Cabral Z Ivaldo, Lus Felipe (Matheus Xavier), and Eduardo Brock; Gage (Juan Christian), Felipe Machado, Willian Oliveira, and Kiki (Marquinhos Cipriano); Daniel Jr. (Lovanor), Bruno Rodriguez and Lincoln (Edo).

Coach: Martin Farini (Assistant).

Goal: Mattozinho, 27 minutes into the second quarter (Villa Nova)

yellow cards: Dentinho (Villa Nova); Z Ivaldo and Jaj (cruise)

place: Onsio Brasileiro Alvarenga (OBA) Stadium, in Goinia-GO

date and time: Friday, October 14, 2022 at 8:30 pm

reasonThe 35th round of the second division of the Brazilian Championship

Rule: Leandro Pedro Voadin (RS)

helpers: Lcio Beiersdorf Flor (RS) and Luiza Naujorks Reis (RS)

VAR: Daniel Nobre Pines (FIFA / Russia)