December 9, 2023
Cruzeiro to pay at least part of the back wages to employees this week |  Sea trip

Cruzeiro to pay at least part of the back wages to employees this week | Sea trip

The meeting that was scheduled for this Tuesday between Cruzeiro’s president and business partners did not take place. to me GivePedro informs Lourenco that the conversation did not take place. According to the report, the trend is that at least a portion of the overdue wages will be paid to employees this week.

The meeting was scheduled after the parties involved failed to reach a solution on Monday. Cruzeiro is trying to collect about R$9 million from businessmen to make up for the arrears. It is expected that the debt repayment will begin next Wednesday.

Sergio Santos Rodriguez, Pedro Lourenco and Fabio, Cruzeiro goalkeeper – Photo: Gustavo Alexo

This Tuesday, Cruzeiro’s team trained normally in Toca da Raposa. The players went to the field and returned with Wellington Name, Bruno Jose and Flavioissued by the Medical Department. Raposa enters the field on Friday, in Ressacada, in front of Avaí.

After tying Botafogo at Independencia, and the vision of reaching the First Division for 2022 is far away, Cruzeiro players issued a message to the fans informing them of the hit Indefinitely, in protest of wages arrears.

Meanwhile, the club’s president, Sergio Rodriguez, was in Portugal to give a lecture at a football management event in the capital, Lisbon. Client He returned to Brazil on Thursday, Having to deal with a strike. if On Friday, they met with business partners, and began looking for a solution. Also talk to leaders cast.

On the same day, Sergio Rodriguez showed himself explaining trips to Europe and also gave an example of managing rival Atlético-MG, in which four businessmen are actively involved in the daily life of the club.

On Sunday, already the professional team players He returned to training at Toca da Raposa II. The Board provided a breakdown of the debts to employees and athletes: 9 million Brazilian riyals.

last monday, The president met again with businessmen to try to come up with a solution. However, a new meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, where they will talk about possible decisions.