November 29, 2022
Cruzeiro will reach 32 games at the top, surpassing a string of historic titles in the Italian League |  Sea trip

Cruzeiro will reach 32 games at the top, surpassing a string of historic titles in the Italian League | Sea trip

a Sea trip She won her fourth title in advance in consecutive points history. There have been three Serie A editions, and now one Serie B, all of which have been with consistent campaigns, with extended periods at the end of the table. This year, Paolo Pezzolano’s team supremacy has been impressive.

The first round in which the team finished at the top of the table was the seventh, with a 1-0 victory over Nautico, with a goal from Willian Oliveira. And he never left the main position of the table. Unreachable to the end, you will collect 32 shots in the lead.

Looking at the other years that Sea trip He was the champion of Brazil with consecutive points, and this mark does not exceed only that of 2014, when the team led by Marcelo Oliveira spent 33 games at the top of the table – from sixth to 38th place.

The previous year, in winning the third league championship, he had last 23 consecutive matches as captain. This team beat all opponents at least once, which Sea trip by Paolo Pizzolano can also be done in Série B.

Cruzeiro players and staff celebrate after reaching Serie A – Photo: Staff photos

Paolo Pezzolano’s team count is also significantly higher than the squad occupied in 2003, led by Luxembourg, highlighted by Alex and distinguished by the conquest of the Triple Crown. Even with 46 rounds in the tournament, the team that impressed Brazil in the last 18 innings remained at the top. This was the biggest series Sea trip as a leader.

a Sea trip He also achieved, this year, the longest unbeaten streak in points history. At the moment, there are 15 matches unbeaten in the second division, with six matches still in dispute, against Ituano, Sport, Villa Nova, Guarani, Nofrizontino and Cessa.

Although they are different contexts for competitions – considering Serie A titles in the past -, the Sea trip 2022, he played in the second division with the club’s lowest card in the three years he spent in competition, and also reduced the budget for signings throughout this season.

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5-Star Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Publicity