March 29, 2023

Cruzeiro x América: Pezzolano and Mancini change their lineups into classics

Paolo Pizzolano and Wagner Mancini, coaches from Cruzeiro and America (Photo: Staff Images/Cruzeiro; Mourão Panda/America)

Cruzeiro and America are scheduled to duel Saturday (11/3), at 4:30 p.m. Rabosa receives Coelho at Arena do Jacari in Sete Lagoas, first leg of the semi-finals of the Campeonato Mineiro. The two artists turned to classicism.

Cruzeiro’s Uruguayan coach Paulo Pizzolano chose to start with two defenders, Lucas Oliveira and Reynaldo – and two midfielders – Ian Lucas and Ramiro – without three defenders and four men in midfield.

Cruzeiro starts the classic game with: Rafael Cabral; William and Lucas Oliveira, Reinaldo and Kiki; Ian Lucas, Ramiro Wesley, Nikao, and Bruno Rodriguez; Gilbert.

On the bench, Pezzolano has the following options: Anderson, Igor Formiga, Pedrao, Felipe Machado, Neto Moura, Alisson, Mateus Josa, Mateus Vital, Juan Cristian, Mateus Dafoe and Steño.

Wagner Mancini, the American coach, sets out the defense with Iago Maidana and Ricardo Silva, with Eder on the bench. Attacking midfielder Felipe Azevedo is back in the starting line-up, and Arthur starts on the right wing, with Nino Paraíba on the bench.

America Begins Classics with: Matheus Cavichioli; Arthur, Iago Maidana, Ricardo Silva and Nicholas; Juninho, Alley and Martin Benitez; Mathewsinho, Felipe Azevedo and Aloysio.

Mateus Basinato, Nino Paraíba, Lucas Cale, Marlon, Danilo Avelar, Addison, Wellington Paulista, Anderson, Emmanuel Martinez, Everaldo, Henrique Almeida and Mikael are Mancini’s options for the course of the game.