March 21, 2023
Cuca highlights Atlético-MG's performance and sees open confrontation with Palmeiras

Cuca highlights Atlético-MG’s performance and sees open confrontation with Palmeiras

Feeling in the locker room Atletico MG After the draw with Palmeiras, it was a mixture of grief over the goal conceded in the second half in stoppage time with confidence in the team’s ability to qualify in the second leg in Sao Paulo. Gallo won the match 2-0, but saw the reaction of Alverde’s team and their quest for equality. The 2-2 confrontation frustrated Atletico’s plans, but it was enough to kill the athletes.

This was the line that coach Coca took to explain the result. The Atlético coach was keen to highlight the good performance of his team, which opened 2-0 and created many other chances.

“It’s a fun game, with a lot of intensity from both teams. When we talk about intensity, it doesn’t just mean attacking – playing and defending too. The team was very strong, but you can’t play for 90 minutes. The same way, and we knew it. We played 70 minutes that way. And in a very good way, said Koca, who highlighted the fact that the dispute is still open.

“When feelings go down, it’s the opponent who has something more. That’s normal. Then you have to defend that moment and counterattack. At that moment, we were unfortunate. Draw. It’s open. Next Wednesday, we’ll see what happens.”

cup rules Editors It changed in 2022 and the qualifying target, which cost Atlético elimination last year, is no longer a tiebreaker. So, at Equal’s new home, in Allianz Park, next Wednesday (10), the decision will be in a shootout. A simple win is enough for Gallo to qualify, as well as what Palmeiras needs.