November 30, 2023
Cuiaba wins Fortaleza and breathes outside the Brazilian relegation zone - 06/12/2021

Cuiaba wins Fortaleza and breathes outside the Brazilian relegation zone – 06/12/2021

Cuiaba beat Fortaleza tonight (6), 1-0 and ended round 37 of Brazilian He breathes outside the relegation zone to Série B in a match played at Arena Pantanal. The only goal of the match was scored by Elton from a penalty kick still in the first half.

As a result, Cuiaba, despite arriving calmer for the last round of the match against Santos, on Thursday (9), at 9:30 pm, who appeared in fifteenth place with 46 points, will still need to score even in the minimum or hope in that. Obstacles from Bahia and the youth to escape the bereavement.

On the other hand, Fortaleza is fifth with 55 points and faces Bahia on the same day and time to try to end the competition within G4.

All went well: Max closes the Golden Half Field

Max did not score, but together with the Tunisian top scorer, he dominated the midfield and managed to neutralize Fortaleza throughout the first half with a first defensive line. The scheme meant that Ciara’s team was unable to kick even once towards the goal during the initial phase.

Max and Elton celebrate a goal in the 37th round match Cuiaba-Fortaleza - Ascom Dorado - Ascom Dorado.

Max and Elton celebrate the goal in the match between Cuiaba and Fortaleza in round 37

Photo: Ascom Dorado

Bad: Jackson inflicts a penalty kick to defeat Fortaleza

Jackson lost the balls and was responsible for running down Felipe Marquez which caused the penalty kick that opened the scoring at Arena Pantanal. That was not enough, he was hit by yellow in 36 of the first half, which made Ciara’s defense a little weaker due to the fear of getting a new yellow card, and therefore, he was sent off until he was replaced by Tinga, in the 20th of the second stage.

Elton shines again

Elton appears again to save Golden. The team’s top scorer in the tournament with nine goals and the official shooter for the penalty shootout, the goal that ensured the result and relief outside the fight came from him.

Cuiaba dominates the match

Cuiaba controlled the match as much as they could and through a tactical scheme in which the first defensive line was formed with the same attack. Dorado also succeeded in controlling the midfield and preventing the chances of offensive play for their opponent, leaving more opportunities to attack in the balls through a control on top.

This field dominance was only threatened in the second stage after some substitutions, but there was no change in the result, although there were some clear opportunities to equalize.

The castle never ends

Leão do Pici was selected by Vojvoda with a mixed team during the first stage, and was practically under the control of Mato Grosso’s team. Although the match was cut short for a few moments, especially in midfield, the Fortaleza fans know did not show up to play and only defended themselves from the opponent’s attacks.

With only one submission throughout the first half, the situation changed only slightly in the second half, with Osvaldo and David coming in on the attack, but this also yielded no results even though they managed to surrender, unlike the first half.

Assistant fired and yellowish voivode

Assistant Gaston Lindo from Fortaleza received a yellow card in the first half for a complaint and another in the second when he tried to return the ball to the team and was sent off in the 5th minute of the second stage. He didn’t like Vojvoda at all, complaining to referee Heber Roberto Lopez and he also ended up yellowing.


Felipe Marquez, of Cuiaba, suffered a penalty in the 6th minute and top scorer Elton converted it to open the score at 8. The match continued to provide more chances for Cuiaba, who did not take the opportunity to expand. On the other hand, Fortaleza managed to attack only in the second half, but also without being able to score, which made the match still truncated until the end.

data sheet:
Cuiaba 1 x 0 Fortaleza

reason: The thirty-seventh round of the Brazilian Championship
Sweetened: Arena Pantanal, in Cuiabá (MT)
date and time: 06/12/2021 (Monday), 8:00 pm (Brasilia time)
Rule: Hebrew Roberto Lopez
Auxiliaries: Clipper Lucio Gil and Ramon Abate Appel
yellow cards: Paulau (CUI), Jackson (Four), Matthews Jossa (along with)
Objectives: Elton (CUI), in the 8th of the first half.

CUIABA: Walter. Alan Emperor, Paulau (Marlon), Camilo, Owendel, Jonathan Cafu (Cabrera), Pepe (Orimer), Elton, Max (Rafael Jaffa), Felipe Marquez and Lucas Ramón (Anderson Conceicao). idiomatic: Jorginho

succumb to: Marcelo Bok-Jackson (Tinga), Benevento, Tite, Bruno Melo (Osvaldo), Jose, Ronald, Lucas Lima (Romarinho), Iago Pikachu, Wellington Paulista (Robson) and Depetri (David). idiomatic: Juan Pablo Duke