December 1, 2023
Curry breaks three-line record, Warriors defeat Knicks |  NBA

Curry breaks three-line record, Warriors defeat Knicks | NBA

The best shooter in NBA history is now the record holder for three-point shots in regular seasons. It took Stephen Curry no more than five minutes of his duel against the New York Knicks, Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden, to hit twice in the first three courts. It broke Ray Allen’s record of 2,973. At the end of the game, she made it to 2,977, and the Warriors won 105-96.

With an uproar in the arena, the star had delivered moments of emotion in the sequence. Time called and Carrie had the chance to hug Ray Allen, who has been holding the record since February 2011; His father, Dale Curry, is a player and former Charlotte Hornets idol. Draymond Green, the most assisted teammate due to his dynasty in his career; And coach Steve Kerr – record triple hitter in NBA history.

Curry turns his career 2974 into a three-piece, breaks the record and is revered

Curry turns his career 2974 into a three-piece, breaks the record and is revered

For the rest of the game, Curry fired 3 more of his 11 shots from the ocean, for a total of 22 points, plus 3 rebounds and 3 assists. Jordan Paul scored 19 points and 9 assists. Andrew Wiggins teamed up with 18 points and 6 rebounds, and Nemanja Bjelica saved all three of his shots for a total of 14 points. Draymond Green approached a double as usual with 8 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists.

The Golden State Warriors now has 23 wins and 5 losses this season, the best campaign in the NBA. The next challenge is against the Celtics on Friday in Boston. The Knicks, who have 12 wins and 16 losses, have won only one of their last 8 matches. Julius Randle did well, with 31 points and 7 rebounds, but he didn’t have much of a helping hand. Chance recovery against the Rockets on Thursday in Houston.

Stephen Curry abraca Draymond Green – Foto: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Julius Randle (31 points, 7 resides)
Derek Rose (15 points, 4 res, 6 sts)
Alex Borks (14 points, 4 points)

the Warriors
Stephen Curry (22 points, 3 res, 3 sixes, 5 triples)
Jordan Paul (19 points, 9 res)
Andrew Wiggins (18 points, 6 reps)
Nemanja Bjelica (14 points, 4 res, 4 asts, 4 knocks)
Draymond Green (8 points, 11 res, 7 sts, 3 tokos)

Highlights: New York Knicks 96 x 105 Golden State Warriors, NBA

Highlights: New York Knicks 96 x 105 Golden State Warriors, NBA

RJ Barrett (Covid Protocols)
Quentin Grimes (Covid Protocols)
Obi Tobin (Covid Protocols)

the Warriors
Otto Porter (PE)
Klay Thompson (Renewed)
James Wiseman (knee)

Stephen Curry hugs his father, former NBA player Del Curry – Photo: Vincent Carchetta – USA Today Sports

nicks 45
Warriors 59

nicks 18
28- Nada

points in the bottle
Knicks 24
warriors 38

Court shots
Knicks (%)
the Warriors (%)

three shots
Knicks (%)
the Warriors (%)
Stephen Curry (%)

Lance Books
Knicks (%)
the Warriors (%)

Results chart – Photo: NBA

1st period – draw at 24Curry’s record came in under five minutes, but the Knicks managed to keep the Warriors with ten points from veteran Derek Rose, another goalkeeper with the best player under his belt, in the first round. Curry tried 4 times from the ocean and hit 2 for 6 points.

Second period – Knicks 24-23: The party was for the visitors, but the host team kept its good pace in the second half and came to open 8 ahead. The Warriors responded with another curry basket from the ocean. The game remained balanced until the break, with a little help for Curry and Rose – 12 points each. He scores from 48 to 47.

Third Period – Warriors 24 to 16The Golden State defense gave the Knicks only 16 points in fourth and gave the Warriors a good advantage. Of those, 12 were from Julius Randle, who scored just 6 in the first half. Curry finished the period with 4 baskets out of 10 attempts in total. Score from 71 to 64.

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12/21 – pistons (home)

the Warriors
17/12 – Celtics (Forums)
18/12 – Raptors (Forums)
12/20 – Kings (Casa)

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