December 1, 2023
Curry makes a show, Porter decides, and the Warriors defeat the Suns in Phoenix |  NBA

Curry makes a show, Porter decides, and the Warriors defeat the Suns in Phoenix | NBA

Stephen Curry has had 8 Christmas games in his career and has never reached 20 points. This Saturday, the star scored 33 goals and led the Golden State Warriors to a stunning 116-107 victory over the Phoenix Suns in Phoenix. In the duel between the two teams with the best campaign in the NBA, the second took the place of the first.

However, the name of the last room was Otto Porter. With Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Paul absent, through Covid protocols, the winger started and was crucial. He scored the last 7 points from Golden State, and 10 in the last division. In the total of the game, he scored 19 goals and ended up as the second top scorer in the team. Draymond Green contributed 8 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists, as well as 3 steals and 3 blocks, and he was the minds of the Warriors again.

Stephen Curry notices two more under the eyes of opponents – Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty Images

But heart and lung were curry. In the 37 minutes they were on the field, the Warriors won by 24 points. In the 11 minutes rested, the Suns were 15 points better. This is the second victory in three games of the season against the opponent, in matches more than expected and in a play-off.

In the first, even after losing Booker to injury in the second quarter, Phoenix was able to beat him at home. In the second, the Golden State ran over San Francisco. The Christmas duel was a heavy blow, but the two teams still met again on March 30th. Perhaps with Klay Thompson on the field, as the Warriors star is in the final stages of renovation.

Golden State has 27 wins vs 6 losses. Phoenix has 26 wins and 6 losses. Chris Paul put in a great performance with 21 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists, but the other two stars were missing out in the face of the best defense in the NBA – Phoenix is ​​the second best. Devin Booker scored only 13 points, with 5 baskets in 19 court attempts. Dunder Eaton scored 18 points and 7 rebounds.

The Suns’ next challenge is against the dangerous Memphis Grizzlies on Monday, once again at home. Golden State, who beat the Grizzlies last Thursday, meet the Denver Nuggets on the 28th and 30th, once at home and once away. This is the third consecutive victory for Steve Kerr’s team, to end a series of 5 consecutive victories for the opponent.

Chris Paul (21 points, 6 res, 8 sets)
Deandre Ayton (18 points, 7 res)
Devin Booker 13 points

the Warriors
Stephen Curry (33 points, 4 reese, 6 sixes, 3 steals, 5 triples)
Otto Porter (19 points, 6 reps)
Gary Payton II (14 points, 8 reps)
Draymond Green (8 Points, 8 Reese, 10 Stes, 3 Robo, 3 Tokos)

Frank Kaminsky (knee)
Darius Sarek (knee)

the Warriors
Andrew Wiggins (Protocolos de covid)
Jordan Paul (Covid Protocols)
Andre Iguodala (knee)
Klay Thompson (Renewed)

Chris Chiusa takes the shot – Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty Images

20 . suns
28- Nada

suns 13
warriors 9

Points resulting from transformations
12 suns
Warriors 21

Court shots
Shams 40/83 (48.2%)
Warriors 42/85 (49.4%)

three shots
Shams 11/30 (36.7%)
Warriors 14/37 (37.8%)

Lance Books
Sun 16/16 (100%)
Warriors 18/21 (85.7%)

Results chart – Photo: NBA

First Period – Warriors 33 to 27: Curry started with 11 points at the end, but hit only one of 4 out of three balls. On the other hand, Ayton and Paul each scored 8 points. The Warriors had 10 assists in 13 field shots. The Sun, 7 of 10. Golden State went to open 10, but ended with 6 head-to-heads.

Second period – Sunday from 35 to 25: Phoenix hits the 16-3 streak to turn the tables and burn his yard. Paul scored another 8 goals, for a total of 16, and led the team in the first half. Curry scored 6, 17. In a balanced game, the Warriors made better use of the opponent’s fluctuations, but the Suns had better use of the field. He scores from 62 to 58.

Deandre Ayton showing off his wings – Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Third Period – Warriors 26 to 22: The Visitors’ defense succeeded and limited Phoenix to 22 points, with good performances from Kevon Looney, Gary Payton and Quindari Witherspoon, who made his debut on a 10-day contract with the Warriors. In the 27 minutes with Curry, the Warriors won by 12 minutes. In 9 minutes without him, they lost 12. The result is 84.

Fourth Period – Warriors 32 to 23: Otto Porter took the helm last week and scored 10 points for Golden State, all of which were the team’s last 7 points. The veteran winger, who got off to a start in the absence of Wiggins and Paul, has shown that he can also be decisive when necessary.

12/27 – Grizzlies (home)
29/12 – Thunder (Casa)
12/31 – Celtics (Forums)

the Warriors
12/28 – Nuggets (Casa)
12/30 – Nuggets (Forums)
01/01 – Jazz (Forum)