February 1, 2023
Customers start using the new Pix functionality

Customers start using the new Pix functionality

Pix is ​​an instant payment system created by the central bank in 2020. In February of this year, about 28 billion transactions were carried out using the tool, surpassing debit and credit card transactions.

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a nubank It decided to innovate and offer its customers new ways to make transfers and payments with the system. News of the moment is Pix to the credit, which may or may not be paid in instalments. Check out more information.

New from Pix on Nubank

Those who do not have an available balance on their account, but need to transfer via Pix, can use a credit card to swipe the amount. The user, who can be an individual or a legal entity, can still pay in up to 12 installments, as long as they have an available limit on their credit card. Money falls into the account of those who receive it naturally, without any difference.

However, it is important to remember that this alternative is similar to a loan, and therefore includes fees and interest. Nubank charges 3.99% for use Pix to the credit Plus an IOF (tax on financial operations) between 0.38% and 3.38%.

All terms, fees and installment options can be simulated before the transaction is confirmed directly in the digital bank application.

Help on Plots or Pix

If you want to use this novelty, see step by step:

  • access to the Nubank app;
  • On the main screen, enter “Area Pix”;
  • click “Transfer”;
  • Enter the transfer amount and the Pix key;
  • Click on “Select a transfer method” and choose the “Credit Card” option;
  • Enter the number of installments and review the transaction details;
  • Enter the password to confirm.

The feature is being rolled out gradually to Nubank customers, so it may not be available to you yet. To keep abreast of the news, update the digital bank application.