June 25, 2022
Cynthia Benigni's lawyers claim that Andre Goncalves owns a company

Cynthia Benigni’s lawyers claim that Andre Goncalves owns a company

In view of the repercussions of this on the lawsuit, which includes Actor Andrei Gonsalves, who is still waiting to be notified of an arrest warrant by the Santa Catarina Court to start serving the sentence for failing to pay child support to his 18-year-old daughter Valentina, as a result of their relationship With Cynthia Benigni, Lawyers for the actress and presenter sent an official note to column LeoDias in order to “clarify the facts”.

Check out the full note below:

Given the secrecy that permeates the alimony lawsuits, at the request and authorization of Valentina Cynthia Benigni, I provide clarifications on the legal issues related to the arrest warrant for actor Andrei Gonsalves:

1) First, it is important to clarify that the accumulated debt is the result of many years of default (in whole or in part) of the breadwinner’s duty to support his daughter. All court decisions are final and not subject to appeal, ensuring that alimony respects the system of opponents and full defense.

2) Unemployment claims submitted to the media have been the subject of numerous judicial analyzes over the years, which the Alimony Party has not been successful in appealing on an equal footing. Formal unemployment, in and of itself, does not exclude the person responsible for paying child support. In the case in question, the alleged unemployment expresses only part of the truth of the facts, because “… the body of evidence was proved conclusive in the sense that the appellant was carrying out various works through contracts for certain works (…) and also had a sole proprietorship in the field of artistic production …” (copy part of the understanding provided by the Public Prosecution Office to the file)

3) In this way, given that Feed and her mother respected all the decisions of the court issued, any incident of personal assaults, threats, insults, slander, etc., expressions of inner misogyny and guilt of the victim, will be brought to the attention of the formed authorities for appropriate measures in the two scopes criminal and civil; And

4) Feed and her mother, at this time, reserve the right to privacy and due respect, and will respond to any appearance duly on the basis of procedural limits, as they believe in justice as a means of resolving conflicts in a civilized and democratic society.

Stella Maris Silva Pereira de Carvalho – Partner at the law firm PA Pereira Advogados Associados

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