July 24, 2024

D. Mark Taylor, breeder of Hee-Man and Ninja Turtles, died in the United States

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Foto: reprodução
Foto: reprodução

T. Mark Taylor, the American who created “He-Man” and “Ninja Turtles”, passed away last Friday (24) at the age of 80. According to The Associated Press (AB) news agency, Taylor died at his home in California (USA) due to heart failure.

“Mark Taylor passed away quietly at home this morning. When I finally held him in my arms for a loving kiss I felt him say goodbye to this world,” said Rebecca Salary Taylor, Taylor’s wife, who has been married for 50 years. .

Known for his designer Mattel’s 1976 project “Masters of the Universe”. That’s where “He-Man” fame came from, as the company’s CEO Ray Wagner refused to create “Star Wars” toys at the time. As the New York Times points out, 70 million units of “Masters of the Universe” were sold in just 30 months.

Hee-man was a huge hit in the 1980s. The artist said the paintings of the design were inspired by Cro-Magnon Men and the Vikings, and initially, Mattel executives were given three toy designs.

One in three is black-haired and tanned, similar to Eastern European phenotypes, but has reached the general public with lighter skin and blonde hair – even if it is brown.

The hero of our time

In a way, Hee-Man had a superhero of his time: white, blonde and strong. At a ceremony about iconic painting, the author said that if it were modern, I would draw a heroine inspired by a woman.

“If I played a hero today, I would be a woman – because in this moment, the heroes of our time are women. Men have their moment,” Taylor said.

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