March 29, 2023

“Dad there are very good people”

Drama serials

In Travessia, Guerra will demand to see proof of the transactions and Ari will explode in the shadows

© Play / TV GloboAri will be able to take Guerra’s pressure off

Ari (chai swede) He is more than willing to follow the plan to carry out a coup d’état in Guerra (Humberto Martins), and for this, the young man even participates in an old church so that the businessman does not suspect his goals. In the next episodes, father Kiara (Jade Bacon) He will contact the young man to see the evidence of stock transactions, which Ari claims he bought when he was still a student.

Ari runs on a shadow, however war reinforce it Kiara opinion. “Yeah, I watched it… I said I’d send it to my mother, because I was going to send it to my mother! Then I thought: My mother is doing really well, she has her business and I don’t need it. Small investment, from students… I will send it to those who need it…to the priest at Mandacaru, to the works in the church thereYoung fool.

War will take place in Ari’s conversation (Reprise / TV Globo)

Sedalia (Cassia cyst) Not believing Ari’s word, Guerra falls into a trap. “The priest over there is a very nice person, he knew me when I was a boy… baptismMy crime…Ari will continue. The story continues Cidália is left with a flea behind her ear and the assistant herself will offer to make the transaction to the priest.

“I’ll pass you the money, because a priest He also does not have much practice in dealing with these things, the Church lives on what the congregation gives him. So I sold it and will send the money. I can pass it on to youGuerra’s brother-in-law will invent.

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