February 5, 2023

Dado reveals a picture with Wanessa and says everything he thinks about the singer

In love, Dado Dolabella shows a photo with Wanessa Camargo and writes a text saying everything he feels

This Thursday, the twenty-ninth, the famous actor Pinwheel data He used his social networks for a beautiful declaration of love to his sweetheart Vanessa CamargoAnd the Country singer’s daughter Zizi de Camargo.

For those who don’t know, the beauty completes another year of life, and so, Dado Dolabella took the opportunity to say everything he feels for her. Explaining his post, the actor began: “She lives, every day more, with her, her purest and kindest heart, exactly the size of her talents!” said the singer.

In love, Dado Dolabella shows a photo with Wanessa Camargo and writes a text saying everything he feels – photo reproduction

Dado Dolabella spared no praise for his beloved, Inessa Camargo, continuing to say: “In addition to singing, for those who do not know, she goes much further: she is the most passionate and present mother I have ever seen, artist in concert, traveler, gallerist And even in the enduring work you put up, practically a PhD in psychoanalysis, a professional investigative investigator with intergalactic skills,” said the actor, who continued with the praise:

“She has the intuition worthy of being a clairvoyant, very organized and practical, friendly with her friends even underwater, connected to a broadcaster, comedian, confidant, astrology, spiritualist, physiological knowledge, now also a vegetarian, she has the ability in her most beautiful way in the universe,” said Dado Dolabella. unites even two states at war, and a bunch of predicates that do not fit here … ”.

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At the end of the caption, actor Dado Dolabella thanked his beloved by saying: “I thank fate for bringing you back, congratulations Wanessa, Christmas is your birthday, but the one who always wins with a gift is the one who brings you. I feel like the luckiest man in the world. May you be Your new cycle is like you. I love you.”

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