July 24, 2024

Danger on WhatsApp! A new role could jeopardize relationships

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WhatsApp is testing a feature to make it easier to send replies
WhatsApp is testing a feature to make it easier to send replies

WhatsApp is the largest chat application in Brazil and this can be expressed without any exaggeration. There are approximately 150 million active accounts in the country and everyone with a smartphone is connected to messaging.

One of the points that makes the app so popular is its constant updates in search of improvements. However, a new functionality can spark controversy and even bring risks to spouses and other users.

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New and dangerous WhatsApp function

Many people believe in the risks arising from a new role after contacting the information disclosed by the specialized website The WhatsAppWABetaInfo. In fact, this portal provides information about everything that is being developed and tested in the beta version of the messenger. Several new features and tools have been revealed by the site, incl.

Message editing in progress

Imagine that someone took your cell phone with bad intentions, enters your WhatsApp messages and starts editing what is written there. This is a hypothetical and impossible situation at the moment, but it may come true soon.

According to the information released, the new feature is characterized by the presence of a new “Edit” button in the messenger. By selecting a message sent by the user, it will be possible to copy or edit what is written there.

In addition to the risk that someone else will change what you wrote, this type of editing can be used to falsify proofs or speeches that were never sent. In other words, it will be a huge problem for anyone who neglects their device. Basically, it will be as if the messages from The WhatsApp It is almost irrelevant and unreliable.

So far, WhatsApp has not yet revealed any official information about the topic or about the reason for this edit button inside the code. The route will be to wait until this update is actually released to understand what the real implications will be.

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