Daniel Alfredsson in the Tournament pee-wee of Waterloo

Daniel Alfredsson au Tournoi pee-wee de Waterloo

After Yanic Perreault’s two years ago and Jarome Iginla last year, the Tournament pee-wee of Waterloo welcomes another alumnus of the national League. Daniel Alfredsson is in town, who is assistant coach of the Sting of Ottawa, in the class AA team that is part of his son Loui.

“The atmosphere of the tournaments, I love it!, has launched the best player in the history of the Ottawa Senators, which is, of course, to his first visit to Waterloo and in the region. And this tournament seems very well organized. It should be a beautiful weekend.”

We met with Alfredsson in the wake of the victory of 8-0 in the Sting face the Victoriaville Tigers, on Friday morning. The team had another game to the schedule late in the afternoon.

“It’s been four or five years that I’m behind the bench of the teams and my son more or less often, depending of my availability. I am regularly on the ice during training sessions. I love to teach the game of hockey and to give back a little of what I’ve received.”

Alfredsson has four boys and Loui, 12 years old, is the second oldest. The young defender, seems to have nice skills. He also scored once in the first match of the day for his team.

“Coaching my son allows me to spend quality time with him. My father has done with me in time and I am happy to be able to continue the family tradition.”

The Senators… of an eye

For the rest, we know that Alfredsson is at odds with the owner of the Senators, Eugene Melnyk, and is no longer associated with the team. Other than being a good dad to his boys, he took his time stirring business in the Ottawa area, where he still lives.

“I am all the Senators of an eye. I’m not often went to see them this season, but I am aware. The team is young, and we knew that it would not be easy this year. To develop young, it can sometimes be long and we must be patient.”

At 46 years old, Alfredsson is retired for the past five years. He played 17 of his 18 seasons in the national hockey League with the Senators, he always dominates for the number of goals (426), assists (682) and points (1108). And he remains immensely popular with supporters of the Senses, although he has played his last season in the uniform of the Detroit Red Wings.

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