August 14, 2022
Daniel Alves says that if he comes to Brazil he will play for Atletico PR and criticizes Beckett: 'Pushing drunk down the hill is easy' |  international football

Daniel Alves says that if he comes to Brazil he will play for Atletico PR and criticizes Beckett: ‘Pushing drunk down the hill is easy’ | international football

“It bothered me. Not just the fact itself. I’m not going to get into this because pushing a drunk down a hill is easy. Not just because of (Pique)’s statement. It’s all about it. To attack, despise and exclude, imagine who is below society? – declared Dani Alves, who was already a victim of racist acts.

Hamilton is a man who can transform and needs to keep fighting. We have a mission and no one will shake us.”

– Daniel Alves, on Pique’s racist rhetoric about the Formula One driver

During an interview last year, Nelson Piquet called Lewis Hamilton a “nigger” and directed anti-gay insults against the seven-time Formula 1 champion. The Brazilian became the target of a complaint by prosecutorsHe was banned from the circuit at all stages and suspended from the British Drivers’ Club.

Daniel Alves has yet to decide which club he will play for next season after leaving Barcelona – Image: Getty Images

On issues outside of football, Daniel Alves was disappointed with the social problems that existed after the Covid-19 pandemic.

People have lost their fear of death and respect too. Unfortunately nothing has changed. I wish things had changed, but they haven’t. We got out of the epidemic and went to war (from Ukraine). People have not changed, they are still fighting for power, and disrespect has increased.

Now 39 years old, The right-back did not renew his contract with Barcelona At the end of last season, he is currently without a club. He returned to Catalonia in early 2021 to 2022, and played 17 games, including 16 as a starting player, scoring one goal and providing four assists. Danny praised the Barcelona he has found in recent months.

“I did not leave sad. I left happy to return. For five years I dreamed of this second moment. The club has made mistakes in recent years. But I’m not talking about my case because it was different. I will be forever grateful for my recovery and the President for bringing me back. But the club needs to improve working off the pitch.

Daniel Alves captained the Brazilian national team in a friendly match against Japan in June – Photo: Getty Images

The right-back has already been speculated in many clubs, such as Mallorca – The case that he himself denied -, Valladolid and Atletico PR. Daniel Alves has not set a deadline for resolving his fate, but he knows he needs to be at a rival club to have the chance of being called up to the 2022 World Cup, which is his main objective.

– I am unemployed today, but interesting things have come up. I study places, and see which ones have good levels of competitiveness. I want to go somewhere where I can win. I don’t rule anything out, but if I go back to Brazil, it will be for Atlético – PR – He said.

Nobody plays because they are friends of the coach. His job is in danger. Tite and I have worked together for years. It is a relationship of trust and performance requirements.”

– Daniel Alves talks about his relationship with the coach of the national team