June 5, 2023

Danny Calabresa’s friend refutes Marcius Melhem for allegedly distorting the position on harassment in court: “I don’t need to lie”


Maira Perazzo first spoke about the case to Guilherme Amado, from the newspaper Metropoles, about a case pending in court.

Playback / Instagram Danny Calabresa

Marcus Melhem was referred to sexual harassment charges for the first time in 2020, by comedian Danny Calabresa. One of the main episodes of the event was a commemoration of the 100th episode of “Zorra”, a humorous program directed by Marcius Melhem. At that party in 2017, Melhem allegedly tried to grab and forcefully kiss Dani Calabresa, and by the time he immobilized her, he would pull out his penis. Comedian Melhem denies everything. In court and in interviews, he brings to the audience a friend of Danny’s, psychologist Mayra Perazzo, who was also at the party and will be his witness for his defence.

Kissing the psychologist and the actor on this occasion. However, Mayra tells the story in a different way. The psychologist says that she did not see Dani being harassed by Marcius, but that she was actually pushed towards the comedian, because she believed the comedian had told her co-worker that he was interested in her. “I didn’t understand anything, I thought he had asked her to pull me over to stay with me, something like that. I was drinking at the party and didn’t quite understand what had happened. We kissed for about 10 minutes in that reserved area. When I got back on the track, there weren’t many people there.” There was Luis Miranda, Danny, and maybe Paulo Matias Jr. Soon after, Danny Luis and I left. We probably stopped to eat at McDonald’s. I don’t remember exactly six years ago.She told the reporter Guilherme Amado, from the Metropoles portal.

Playback / Instagram Danny Calabresa

A day after the episode, Mira recalls that Danny had not told Melhem about her advances, as she had not yet understood that she was a tease. This conversation took place months later, by which time, Mayra and the comedian had already connected again after the psychiatrist had flown to Rio de Janeiro again. “I have nothing to do with this operation. I just stayed with him. If that was the case, we would have to contact all the women who stayed with him in Brazil. I didn’t want to be exposed either, did I? My friend protected me. As soon as I left Piauí I said: ‘Wow I don’t want to be exposed in any of this.” I work in a place where I need to be very discreet, I’m not from the artsy environment. I haven’t spoken to any media. I asked her: “Danny, by God, don’t talk about me. I don’t want to be exposed anywhere.”said Myra Perazzo.

Mayra said he decided to go public after the comedian got engaged. After being relayed by Milhem’s defense of Melhem, she told the court that she had not witnessed any incident of harassment at Zora’s party and that Melhem had used the argument as a defensive advantage in subsequent interviews. “For two years he’s been saying my name and lying. He’s twisting everything I said at his hearing. He’s trying to use me as a defense strategy, which doesn’t make sense because the threesome never happened. I stayed with him. He in no way denies his molestation of Danny. I didn’t get hurt.” For harassment, but that doesn’t mean Danny wasn’t harassed. The fact that I didn’t see Dany get harassed doesn’t mean she wasn’t harassed (…) What I didn’t see, I didn’t see. I’m not going to lie. She’s my girlfriend, but I’m not going to lie for nothing And you don’t need to lie, it doesn’t need a strategy, it’s with the truth Those who need a strategy are the ones who lie, right?I finish.