December 5, 2023
Danuza Liao, former writer, journalist and model, dies at 88 |  Rio de Janeiro

Danuza Liao, former writer, journalist and model, dies at 88 | Rio de Janeiro

Former model, journalist and writer Danosa Liaoone of the most important figures in Rio’s society and culture in the twentieth century, died Wednesday (22), at the age of 88, in Rio.

Danuza suffered from emphysema and died of respiratory failure. The information was confirmed to Globo TV by family members.

The body will be cremated at Kaju Cemetery, on the date and time to be determined.

One of the most striking faces in the fashion industry of his day, he became a famous (and often controversial) historian in the Brazilian press.

She released bestsellers such as “Na sala com Danuza” and “Almost Everything”, a biography in which she recounts an intense life that also marked marriages with characters who were also central to her time, such as journalists Samuel Wainer, with whom she had three children, Antonio Maria and Renato Machado.

Remember the path of Danuza Liao

Remember the path of Danuza Liao

Danuza Liao during an event in Sao Paulo in September 1992 – Photo: Fernando Arellano/Estadio Contecdo/Arquivo

Writer, journalist, model and actress Danuza Leão was born in Itaguasuin the interior of Espiritu Santo, on July 26, 1933. At the age of ten, she and her family moved to Rio de Janeiro.

Still in her fifties, Danuza started her career as a model. Is he there He was the first Brazilian to parade abroad.

Singer Nara Liao’s sister (1942-1989), Danuza accompanied the birth of Bossa Nova In his apartment in Copacabana, in the southern region of Rio, where the great artists of the time gathered.

Journalist and writer Danuza Liao embraces architect Oscar Niemeyer during his 100th birthday celebration, at Casa das Canoas, in São Conrado, south of Rio de Janeiro, in December 2007 – Photo: Wilton Jr/Estada Contido/Arquevo

In addition to being a model, Danuza has also been a TV show judge, interviewer, shop owner and art producer.

As an actress, she participated in the 1967 movie “Terra em transe” as the character Sílvia. The work was written and directed by Glauber Rocha.

In 1992, Danuza Leão achieved success as a writer. His book on social etiquette, “In the room with Danuza” topped the bestseller list for a year.

In 2004, he published a new version of his biggest hit “Na sala com Danuza 2”.

Danuza Leão and Nara Leão at Galeão Airport in Rio de Janeiro, after Danuza disembarked from Paris in January 1967 – Photo: Estadão Conteúdo / Arquivo

She then wrote “Almost tudo” (2005), a Jabuti Award winning memoir; “Danuza Leão Making Bags” (2008), also winner of the Jabuti Prize; “Danuza Leão de malas is ready” (2009) and “Everything is so simple” (2011).

Another successful job for Danuza was as a historian. She has been a columnist for Jornal do Brasil, Folha de S.Paulo and the ELA section of O Globo newspaper, where she has written on a variety of topics, from behavior and relationships, to family advice and etiquette.

Since her marriage to journalist Samuel Weiner, founder of the Ultima Hora newspaper, she has given birth to three children: Samuel Weiner Felho, Pinky Weiner, and Bruno Weiner.

After separating from Wiener, the writer married two more times, to historian and author Antonio Maria and journalist Renato Machado.

Danuza Leão during an interview in November 1984 – Photo: Claudinei Petroli / Estadão Content / Arquivo