May 31, 2023
Darlan Romane 5th at the IAAF World Championships in Oregon |  Athletics

Darlan Romane 5th at the IAAF World Championships in Oregon | Athletics

Brazil had its first chance to win a major medal at the World Championships in Athletics in Oregon on Sunday. The current indoor world champion and fourth place in the standings, Darlan Romani was the national hope in a high-tech competition. The Brazilian performed well, hitting 21.92 meters with his best shot, but finished fifth.

– Today was not a good day. You have to assume when you are not doing a good test. Worst of all is knowing I could be on the podium again. I don’t even know what to say. The head is a snowball. It’s hard here. I still don’t know the technical bugs I ran into, but it’s showing up now.

Darlan Romani finishes fifth on final throw: ‘I ended up making some small mistakes’

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The whole party was from the United States, which took the podium for the first time in history. Two-time Olympic champion Ryan Crozier set the championship record (22.94 meters) and took the gold medal. Joe Kovacs took the silver with 22.89 metres. The surprise came with Josh Otondi (22.24 m), who achieved the best mark in his career to win the bronze medal.

Darlan Roman reaches 21.92m with the fourth shot in the shot put final

Darlan Roman reaches 21.92m with the fourth shot in the shot put final

In the first court, Darlan cut 21.69 meters and finished the round in fourth place behind the three Americans. Joe Kovacs led the race with 22.63m. Josh Awotunde achieved the best mark of his career (22.24 metres) and was second. Olympic champion Ryan Crozer finished third with 22.21 metres.

In the second court, Crozer achieved 22.71 meters, jumped to the front and put pressure on his opponents. Darlan improved, reaching 21.90 meters, but finished fourth. In the third court, Darlan burned, but his opponents did not improve the scores and everything remained the same (1 Crouser – 22.71m; 2nd Kovacs – 22.63m; 3rd – Awotunde – 22.24m; 4th – Darlan – 21.90m; 5 – Tom Walsh – 21.49 M).

Darlan participates in the IAAF World Cup in Oregon – Photo: Cbat/Reproduction

In the fourth court, Darlan improved his mark again, but not enough to enter the medals area. With 21.92 AD, he was followed behind by the Three Americans. In the fifth court, Darlan cut 21.32 meters and was passed by New Zealand’s Tom Walsh who made 22.08 metres. Otownde improved his shot, went to 22.29 meters and climbed onto the goal line for Darlan to try for a medal. The gold also became more difficult because Crozer was 22.94 meters and broke the championship record. Kovacs followed in second, but rose to 22.89 m.

On the sixth court, the Brazilian burned and waved goodbye to the medal match. Walsh also failed to improve his mark, and the disagreement was between the three Americans. None of the three improved their scores and Cruise took the world title for the first time.

Darlan Romani burns in the last court and takes fifth place

Darlan Romani burns in the last court and takes fifth place

Alison dos Santos in the 400m hurdles final

if in Playoff looked like Alison was taking a walk in the parkIn the semi-finals it looked like he was on the bottom card. At no time was the spot in the final in jeopardy and in the final meters the Brazilian slowed to the point of almost running. With a time of 47s85, he won the second round and sealed his place in the decision.

– The idea was to take a good test, a controlled test, without getting mad, without leaving it too soon. We came, and we hit a good cadence in the race. I got to the straight, saw that I was cool, I could break free, and I lost as much as I could for the final. Just like I save, whoever gets to the final wants to get to the best stage to fight for the gold medal. Eight go to the final, three medals win, but only one wins the championship.

Alison dos Santos wins heats in 400m hurdles semi-finals

Alison dos Santos wins heats in 400m hurdles semi-finals

The final will be held next Tuesday and there are high expectations for a medal. Alisson has won all five competitions she’s been in this year and still has the best record of the season.

Alisson celebrates winning the 400m hurdles semi-finals at the World Championships in Athletics – Photo: Cbat/Reproduction

The first race of the day, three Brazilians took part in the marathon, but all eyes were on Danielzinho. Although he wasn’t a podium favourite, he could fight for a medal. And that’s what he did. With 2 hours, 7 minutes and 35 seconds, he finished eighth in the competition, although he ran with an open wound to his foot for most of the course.

Daniel Zinho runs with a foot injury at the 2022 World Championships in Athletics – Photo: Camilo Pinheiro Machado

João Márcio Leão also had a good race and finished in 21st place with a time of 2 hours 11 minutes 43 seconds. Paulo Roberto Di Paula finished 37th with a time of 2 hours 13 minutes 39 seconds.

The last hope, Rafael Pereira could not do well in the first half. The Brazilian started very well, but the extra speed seemed to derail the race and cross the first hurdle, losing valuable time. With 13.46 seconds, he finished fourth in qualifying and 17th overall. If he had repeated the qualifying time (13sec 23sec), he would have finished second in the heat.

Rafael Pereira finished fourth in the 110m hurdles semi-finals

Rafael Pereira finished fourth in the 110m hurdles semi-finals

In the second round, Eduardo Rodriguez clocked 13secs 62 and ended up in eighth place outside the semifinals as well. The Brazilian time gave him 21st place overall.

Tabata Vitorino took part in the second round and finished sixth with a score of 52secs 17. Although he did not take direct place to the semi-finals (the first three were followed automatically), he had enough time to be among the best.

But the same did not happen with Tiffany Marinho, who also finished sixth, in the sixth round, but the time 52.80 was not enough to lead. It ranked 35th overall. In the men’s race, Lucas Carvalho clocked 47secs and 53rd and also knocked out in the semifinals. He was sixth in the sixth heat and 38th overall.

Podium finish 100% Jamaica 100m race

Jamaica's Shelley Ann Fraser-Price wins women's 100m gold

Jamaica’s Shelley Ann Fraser-Price wins women’s 100m gold

As expected, Jamaica dominated the women’s 100m. The Caribbeans did not give their opponents a chance and guaranteed the country 100% platform. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, 35, broke the championship record with 10.67. It is the athlete’s fifth gold medal. Sherica Jackson took silver (10s73) and two-time Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Hera took bronze in 10 seconds 81.