February 5, 2023
Data leak from nearly 300,000 Mercado Livre users - 03/07/2022 - Mercado

Data leak from nearly 300,000 Mercado Livre users – 03/07/2022 – Mercado

Mercado Livre reported on Monday (7) that the data of about 300,000 of its users had been accessed, after discovering that part of its source code was subject to unauthorized access.

The company said in a statement that it found no evidence that “its infrastructure systems were compromised or that user passwords, account balances, investments, financial information or payment card information were obtained.”

With around 140 million unique users, Mercado Livre is the largest e-commerce portal in the world. Latin america And add up to Itaú UnibancoAnd the Bank of Brazil And the nubankwho have had problems with technology in recent weeks.

last Thursday (3), Itaú customers reported a series of difficulties Access to accounts in the bank’s channels and pay through them pixel. The instability was resolved on the same day.

According to the bank, the origin of the problem is associated with the delay in processing bank data, which led to the need for reprocessing.

next day, Banco do Brasil and Nubank customers have also reported problems with enterprise applications.

Online banking and logging into the app were the main complaints about Banco do Brasil, which said the firmware update caused problems throughout the day and made its app difficult to access.

The bank added: “BB assures that there will be no harm to its customers, and has kept other service channels available, while respecting the physical and digital coexistence.”

Among Nubank clients, account balance and value transfers emerged as the most important problems recorded.

“We regret the fluctuations identified by part of our customers in some services today (4). We inform you that processes are gradually being normalized and that our systems are 100% secure. Visualization has been affected and some functionality is provided. The integrity of all information is guaranteed.”