May 31, 2023

Datena’s son gives news of a crime victim singer

Joel echoed the robbery in front of the artist’s house and revealed the outcome of the situation

This Thursday, the twenty-seventh, Joel Datina News about the singer Jasmine SantosHe was the victim of a burglary at his home in São Paulo.

According to the journalist, four thieves had approached the famous woman and her partner in front of the residence located in the capital. They were going to take a cell phone and documents of a guard who was on guard in the street at the time of the crime.

The announcer revealed that Yasmin Santos pointed a gun at her head, pulled her hair and punched her. Despite the scare, she is already recovering from any physical injury, but she admitted that she was psychologically shaken. “She’s so scared,” Joel noted.

Jasmine Santos, singer of the new generation, has achieved great success in the artistic world and already has more than 2 million followers on social media (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Last week, José Luiz Datena did not present Brasil Urgente in the Band. His unexpected disappearance surprised the public, as the journalist had not even warned him when he said goodbye days earlier. According to Katia Fonseca, the host went on a cruise with his wife.

Joel, his son, has taken over the news business during his father’s absence. The leader of the alternative morning press confirmed the reason for his departure. He decided to travel and rest. A well-deserved rest right?! It works like hell, he explained.

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Datena is one of the big names in Band journalism and Brazil TV, especially in the police genre. According to IstoÉ magazine, the telecoms veteran earns a salary of around R$600,000 per month on the channel. He is still in charge of Brasil Urgente.

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