David Lapierre teaches him also

David Lapierre apprend lui aussi

“Hockey, it is hockey. Whether at the novice, junior or senior, it’s the same thing : you take a group of individuals, we work with them and try to form a real whole. ”

Some were surprised when David Lapierre has agreed to come and lend a hand to the Maroons. After all, he had never done anything other than hockey development before. But now the former coach of Inouk says that he has never had prejudices unfavorable to the senior hockey.

“I have enormous respect for those men who work 40 hours per week at the factory or in the office, who are often fathers of families, and which, after the end of the week come, come give it all they have on the rink, explained Lapierre before the first match of the series between the Maroons at Metal Perreault of Donnacona, Friday night at the arena Jacques-Chagnon. These are passionate people, and me, I have respect for anyone who has this passion for his sport. “

Of course, Lapierre said that he would like to be able to do a little more teaching. In the national hockey League senior AAA, we know we do not practice.

“We are preparing a game plan for each meeting. The one designed in function of the Metal Perreault has been sent by… Facebook to the guys this week. It is certain that we do things a bit differently in the senior… “

Also, he will admit that he does not buy any of the senior hockey.

“When I see scenes like the one that earned a suspension of five years to Robby Petiquay, I écœure. The battle, it is another thing. It, it is barbaric. But the people in the league have reacted by punishing severely a gesture wild. “

The chums

But David Lapierre is first and foremost landed in the land of the Maroons to help his buddies, he repeated.

“Miguel (Fortin), Olivier (Laliberté) and Christian Roy (co-owner), these are all my friends. And I already knew plenty of the players of the Maroons, or because I had already coached, either because I had already met them. I felt that I could help the team, that I could make a difference. It was perhaps not known the expected success at the end of the season, but I think it was when even planted something… “

And from a personal point of view, Lapierre says that it also pulls something of this adventure.

“I have not had many opportunities to lead adults, men whose mentality is different from that of juniors. I’m in there. When you do the hockey, you learn every day, to every match… “

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