David Portelance: more than words, a signature

David Portelance: plus que des mots, une signature

It should not be surprising to learn that a certain storyteller from Saint-Élie-de-Caxton fell under the charm of his poetry fair and deep and his melodies folk existentialist during his time at the Festival de la chanson de Granby, in 2003. The point of him ordering of the songs.

It is however her own signature, and David Portelance will come and present to the public on Wednesday, at the Palace of Granby, who has served a second album, which earned him rave reviews, a year ago.

A shelter against the wind is the sequel to the well acclaimed to Hold the road (2014). Tinted with blues, bluegrass, folk and country music of the southern United States, this second opus is comprised of his own compositions as well as covers of great classics cajuns as the author-composer-interpreter forties will we engage in any intimacy in formula full band. He will be accompanied by images of works of the visual artist Andrée-Anne Laberge and photographer Olivier Samson, sometimes projecting, sometimes in augmented reality.

It will be his first return to where it all began, 10 years ago… without that, he doubted it.

At the beginning of a career

2003. Year in which David Portelance participated for the first time at the Festival de la chanson de Granby — it will return in 2005. Fred Pellerin is as a facilitator. Behind the scenes, the two are getting acquainted. It clicks loudly. “As an encounter of travel “, image Portelance. “That we will remember for a long time. “

For years, the two guys have not seen. Until Pellerin phone Portelance to ask him if he accepted that he uses At the beginning of the world and stand for his first musical cd, Silence (2009). Two of the three songs that he had performed at the FICG. Not bad…

Since then, the words of the author-composer-interpreter are never far from those of the storyteller. David Portelance participated in three albums of Fred Pellerin, in addition to punctuate his tales of his melodies.

“One day, [He] took me by the under arm, and said, “come in with us”. He introduced me to his manager, his director, Jeannot Bournival, and it is here that my personal career has taken off, ” says the principal concerned. If it wasn’t for him, his first album would have probably never seen the light of day…

Under the label of The Tribe is born to Take the road, and then, less urgently, A shelter against the wind, which Portelance has taken more control of the artistic direction of the whole, issue of it provide a clear direction, a bill intimate.

Questioned as to whether it starts to burden him to constantly be in the shadow of Fred Pellerin, Portelance reply : “I am so grateful for everything he has done for me, I can not, and am not tired of being associated with him. But I like the idea of having my own personality and to discover the public at large. “

Interested ? It’s happening Wednesday night at 19: 30 at Palace de Granby.

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