September 27, 2023
Davy faces doomsday as Raphael comes face to face in Beyond the Illusion TV News

Davy faces doomsday as Raphael comes face to face in Beyond the Illusion TV News

Joachim (Danilo Mesquita) will get a huge gift in behind the illusion. The real Rafael Antunes (Fabricio Belisov) He will wake up from coma and search for fop. He will say that he had an accident and was unconscious for several months. However, a competitor David / Raphael (Rafael Vetti) will realize that he stole the official’s spot on the Globo series at 6 in the morning.

Determined to recover the evidence the enemy will have against him, son of Ursula Barbara Paz is going to the police station to check all the criminals wanted by the police. He will be able to find evidence that the lover Isadora (Larissa Manuela) is called Duffy and she decides to take the real Raphael to face the wizard.

“I want you to meet someone. I’d like to introduce you to Raphael Antunes. Raphael, this is the official who has taken his place in the textile industry: Davey Jardim,” says Joachim, leaving Davey in shock as Raphael, smiling, extends his hand to a co-worker.

If he sticks him “the pants in his hand”, he will startle the deceiver, and Joachim will continue to mock him: “David is an excellent manager, Raphael! He does the calculations like no one else!” He even discovered a rogue who was doing massive embezzlement in the factory, do you believe? Save the fabric! So David, wouldn’t you say hi to the boy? “

Davy will take a deep breath and shake Raphael’s hand, very nervous: “You survived the train accident.” “I was in a coma for months, I lost my documents, and the doctors didn’t know my name,” Raphael says. Joachim will say that he promised the former bedridden that he would find him another place in the factory.

“Tough. Unfortunately, the fabric is going through a moment of crisis. Like I said, it’s been stolen. So we’re not hiring anyone,” replies Davey, who will listen from Raphael:

Even? what a shame. I lost everything in this accident: documents, clothes, all my money. Dr. Joaquim helps me pay the hotel and food bills. It was God who put it in my way when I went to the factory to make myself known.

David will look at the enemy, who will smile “angelic”: “This is what I always say: If God is with us, who can be against us, right?”.

The TV series starring Larissa Manuela will be replaced on August 22nd sirtau seaWritten by Mario Teixeira. Check out the summaries of the TV series at 6 o’clock from Globo that the news Posted daily.

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