June 30, 2022
Day explodes after hearing that Riku won't leave the ninth farm

Day explodes after hearing that Riku won’t leave the ninth farm

Rico Melquiades was the subject of conversation between MC Gui and Dayane Mello in the outdoor area of ​​”farm 13″ (RecordTV), dawn today. funkeiro said he didn’t see The comedian is at risk of leaving the Ninth Farm reality show.

Diane commented, “If he had a choice to leave this house, that would be great, you understand?” MC Gui said, “Ah, inside this park, he didn’t come out. Unless people don’t like him anymore, you know?”

The model wasn’t convinced that her reading of Rico Melquiades might not be like the audience game.

Do you think he didn’t come out on this, then?

MC Gui said, “I don’t know. It depends on reading outside, man, on how people see all this. I don’t think it’s leaving.”

Diane Melo says she hopes the audience will see what she and Valentina Francavilla are going through at the hands of Rico Melquiades so they don’t have any more difficult days in the game.

We’ll have to live a little longer in torture.

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Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV

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