December 3, 2022
Deadline For New CT, "Unimaginable" Donation From Moreira Salles, $50 Million To Work On Niltão ... Textor Talks About Botafogo's Plans In The US

Deadline For New CT, “Unimaginable” Donation From Moreira Salles, $50 Million To Work On Niltão … Textor Talks About Botafogo’s Plans In The US

to share John Textor in a party TJB Last Sunday (2/10), in Florida (USA), still has an effect. After all, some important issues about the future Botafogo Contacted by SAF Major Shareholder Alvinegra, one of the guests of honor at the event, which also featured idols from Glorioso history such as GonsalvesAnd the Sergio Manuel And the Loco Abro. Who said a little more about this behind-the-scenes fraternity was Pedro Soaresfrom page “Glorious Botafogo“, in He lives from channel net stove Wednesday night (5/10).

Already widely reported by the press earlier this week, Textor really intends to build a new training center in the western region of Rio de Janeiro. But where will you be? In Vargem Grande? Small Vargem? Bandeirantes recreation? Kamorem, alive breath lonely space? According to Pedro, John said talks are well advanced in order to build CT “Close to where the players live”, which means that he could be in Barra da Tijuca. Expectations that the project will start from scratch and have a minimum set-up to receive a professional cast is “About two years”.

lonely? How is it in this story? It will also play an important role, as it will be where the main Botafogo team will continue to use while building the new CT. After the team moved in, some interesting plans were released. The existing structure must be completely demolished for a better future residence of the basic classes of the hearth, as well as Establishing a school that should serve the local community (cited in this column in September 2021). Also according to “Glorious Botafogo” donate an amount “You can’t even imagine it” From The Moreira Salles brothers (Joao Walter)which Jon Textor revealed to attendees, will allow the entire program to be implemented.

Over the Nilton Santos StadiumSome important points were revealed and discussed. And about the Olympic athletics track, the businessman said that “He will fight who must fight.” to remove it. Once this is done, there is an expectation of expenses About $50 million (about R$260 million at current price) So that the grass is lowered and the stands are brought closer to the playing field. The idea is to use the existing structure in the eastern and western sectors to facilitate the process. It is worth mentioning that No deadline given.

The field will be flooded, wanting it just like Crystal Palace. Right at the top of the field, glued it. boiler – Pedro said in a live interview with the journalist Bernardo Gentile In the net stove.

In regards to removing Botafogo from Brazil, John Textor confirmed his desire to have the professional team perform pre-season, as early as 2023, abroad. Among the current alternatives, The United States should be the most likely destination To receive the coach’s list Luis Castro.

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