July 14, 2024

Deborah was reprimanded by Iran Malfitano for trying to make a hut

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Deborah was reprimanded by Iran Malfitano for trying to make a hut
Deborah was reprimanded by Iran Malfitano for trying to make a hut

Iran Malfitano I got mad at Deborah Albuquerque in farm 14 After the ex-couple tried to stir up trouble while preparing a confined lunch. On Tuesday (20), she was in the kitchen when some pedestrians arrived, and the redhead tried to make them uncomfortable with noises and other actions. The actor called his colleague into the corner and scolded her.

“Deborah, the troubled ones are leaving. Get a blanket here and go see the ducklings. Sometimes the defense is back,” he slammed. Deborah tried to defend herself and claimed that she was in the kitchen before the others showed up and started harassing.

“It’s just that I’m more flexible now, more on my own,” she admitted. “Because then you go and disturb those who have nothing to do with it. When you scream at you, everyone is inside the house and no one hears the screaming. Malfitan.

Bruno Salomao’s wife apologized to the pawn, but stressed that the problem, at that moment, was not with him. However, he did not pass his hand over his head. Deborah I advised her to back off the game so she wouldn’t be bombarded alone.

“It didn’t bother me, it’s just because it bothers me. Staying there for a minute was fine, but you stayed longer,” he added.

Roca in A Fazenda 14

The first roca is formed in the live version of Tuesday (20), on the record. Farmer Lucas Santos has the right to nominate a direct participant for the hot seat, and Iran Malfitano has the power of the lamp – which gives him invalidating up to three votes.

Santos indicated that he intends to appoint Deborah Albuquerque. Kerline Cardoso, Tiago Ramos, and Shayan Haghbin are other names that have appeared in conversation circles and are supposed to get votes tonight. Roca takes place in an open vote.

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